Family Tree Info.

Family Tree Info.

Please email me the following information:

· Name of each person
· Order in the family
· Hair Color
· Eye Color
· Personal Characteristics ( i.e., glasses, curly hair, spiked hair)
· and if you would like a clothing color
· dress vs. pants for a girl

everycraftyendeavor (at) gmail (dot) com

The cost is simple: $65 (4 Generations)
$5 for each additional person
If you would like a rustic black frame: $10
Shipping: $5-$10 (depending on where you live)
Need it now? $15

I will send you an invoice through Paypal.

Each stitchery is hand-stitched by me!
I take my time to make sure each person is reflected nicely -
and that each person is customized the way you would like.
Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.
If you need it sooner than that -
let me know and I can stitch it quicker for a small fee.

Please remember that during the busy times (Mother's Day and Christmas)
I can only stitch so many and may have to turn you away -
I hate to do that but I am only one person!
So, please plan accordingly!
You can see more pictures here.


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