Family Tree

I am super excited to show you what I have been
working on the last little while.
A Family Tree!!
Genealogy is so important in our family -
We love to learn about our ancestors and
find out where we came from!
I made this family tree for my son.
As you can see - it has my husband and I -
Our parents -
and our parents, parents - 4 Generations.
Quinn will never meet his some of his great grandparents
because they have already passed on
so this will be a fun way to teach him about his family
that Spencer and I knew and loved very much.
I love it so much and am excited for it to go in his room.
I hope it will be something he treasures as he grows older.
If you would like one of your own, contact me for info.


juliecache said...

you are awesome. I will add a link to my sidebar, I visit often enough!

Danielle @ Transforming Home said...

That is the cutest family tree I have ever seen! I may need to copy it..


Michelle said...

This is adorable! You are such a good mommy!

Melissa said...

I am a new follower!

Jane said...

Love it! A modern family tree- instant classic!

Bobbie said...

This is so cute! I just don't think that I would have the patience to do it :) I just might try it though...thanks for the link at check me out saturdays over at www.iamonly1woman.blogspot.com hope to see you again!

Anne said...

Thank you for the Nice comment on my blog! the family tree is adoreable too!


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