Stamped Washer Necklaces Tutorial

First: Gather Your Supplies
You will need:
A heavy hammer
1/8" Steel Stamper Set
Baby Wipe
Ribbon, Chain or Leather to tie Necklace
Crimps (Optional)
Toggle (Optional

Second: Take your washers out to your front/back porch.
You need a hard surface to strike the Washer.

Third: Position a letter then hit the stamp really hard -
If you can do it once - GREAT! if not, steady your hand and make sure
you don't move the stamp and hit it a couple more times.
Repeat for each letter.

Fourth: Fill in the letters with your Sharpie.
It is okay if you color outside the lines - just use a
wet wipe and wipe off the extra marker.

Fifth: Use your ribbon, chain or leather and loop it through the washer.

Sixth: Tie the ends in a knot or attach a toggle.

I like the toggle look much better and it is easier to
put on and take off.


I Bought my stamp set at Harbor Freight for 5.99.
You can order them on-line but I just went to the store.

My good Friend, Michelle over at A little Tipsy Blog made them with me.
You can read her version here.


Traci said...

how fun is that!
my sis-in-law made my a mom's necklace with my tykes name on it and i heart it! i was wondering about getting into making some of these myself.
thanks for the how to's and the tip on where you got your stamp set from and soo cheap!!
the necklaces look great!!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this!!!!

I own an auto parts store & I have all this stuff on my shelves!!! I'm going to gather my supplies now!!!!

Jessica said...

I just bought something very similar on etsy the other day! I could have made this for a whole lot cheaper!!! Love this idea!!

berg4 said...

I can't wait to try this out - your blog is amazing! You are very cretaive, thanks for sharing

I heart crafts said...



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