She's Here!

Tenley arrived on November 3rd and we couldn't be more in love with her!

I am going to be busy being a mom and stitching in the next few weeks so my posts will probably be scarce - but I will be back!


I painted my dryer!

Two weeks ago, my husband cleaned out our garage,
put our spare dryer up for sale and sold it!
So - In True Murphy's Law Fashion -
our dryer died the next week.


We quickly jumped on KSL and bought a better dryer for not much more than what we sold our spare for - No worries!

Except for the bit of rust that was on top of the dryer -

And there were some other little marks that sort of drove me crazy -

So I rummaged through my spare paint -
found a can of Rustoleum White and sprayed the top!

And it looks so much better!!

It pretty much looks brand new - and I love it!

Do you have rust on your washer/dryer? Go ahead and try it!


Other Halloween Awesomeness!

For Halloween, My family threw a Halloween Party -
My parents decided to be mummies so Saturday my dad came over and he and I (he cut - I sewed) whipped up these bad boys:

Mummy costumes are so easy -
but very time consuming!

And I wish I could take credit for this -
but I just wanted to show you how dang creative my sisters are!

Do you recognize them?
If you have kids or love Disney you will!

P.S. I got some questions about our outfits so here are the deets: 

I ordered my shirt weeks ago on-line from here.
I bought Quinn's jammies from Carters.
Our beanies are from Walmart for $1!
And we borrowed the skeleton pieces for my husbands costume from a friend and then I stitched them onto some of his black clothing - he painted his face.
Cheap and easy - exactly what I was after at 39 weeks!!


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
From Our Little Skeleton Family!


How to Make Potato Cheese Soup

I love Potato Cheese Soup!
Especially when it gets cold outside. It warms you inside and out.

This past weekend I participated in a Chili/Soup Cook Off
and my soup came in 4th place!
Rumor has it - it should have been 3rd place
but I was expecting "no place" so I'm happy with 4th
but more happy that people really liked it.

I have no recipe.
But here is how I made it.
I made a Big Ole' Pot but you can cut it in half and adjust accordingly.

First: I cut up my celery and my onions.
(I used 4-5 stalks of celery and 1/2 a small onion)

Second: I put the celery and onions on the stove to boil.
(I like the celery and onions to add flavor - and not be crunchy
so I let them boil longer than my potatoes.)

Third: I peel...

... and dice up my potatoes.
(I used half a bag 15-18 potatoes - but adjust to what you need)

Fourth: I let them boil with the celery and onions.

While everything is boiling, we need to make our white cream sauce.

Fifth: Melt your butter in a sauce pan over medium heat on the stove.
(I used 2 sticks of real butter- but sometimes I use margarine and it works just fine too)

Sixth: When your butter is all melted, add flour.
I used almost 2 cups of flour -
I start with just a little bit and add and add until I get the consistency I am after.

You want the butter/flour to sort of crumble a little bit
but still be a tiny bit sticky.

Seventh: Add Milk.
I added about 4-5 cups.

Eighth: Stir and Stir and Stir.
The milk will start to boil and the butter/flour mixture will start to disappear into the milk and it will thicken. If you find that it thickens too much - simply add some milk. You don't want a thick paste - but you don't want it too thin either.

hmmm...let me think...ummm...oh!
brownie batter consistency is the best way I can think of to explain it

Your potatoes should be ready to pull off the stove.

Ninth: Drain them completely!

Tenth: Pour them back into your pan, add about a cup of milk and put them back on the stove on medium heat. Adding the milk is to keep the potatoes from burning while you begin to mix.

Eleventh: Add your white cream sauce and stir it all up.

Twelfth: Add your cheese and stir it all together.
I use Colby Jack cheese - I love the taste of it and it is what my husband and I always buy.
For this big pot - I used 6 cups of cheese. Use as much or as little as you would like.

As you stir the soup, the cheese will melt -
and you are done!

Add Salt and Pepper to taste and Enjoy!

Did I totally confuse you?
I hope not. It really is simple. If you have any questions let me know and I will do my best to answer them.

Note: When I make this for just my husband and I -
I will use:
 1 stalk of celery and a tiny bit of onion
6-7 potatoes (depending on the size)
4 TBS of butter
about 2-3 cups of milk

Hopefully that helps give you a better idea.


Boutique Style Burp Cloths

I am still here!
- waiting and waiting for this little lady to make her debut -
I realized that I only had 4 burp cloths for her (thanks to my mom or I wouldn't have any!) and whipped her up some this weekend.

I chose three completely different fabrics and I love each one of them! 

I just made them without following any tutorial and I was lazy and didn't take any photos of how to make them to create my own because I happen to know of a couple crafty ladies who have great tutorials for you to follow - you can find a tutorial for the pink and greens ones here and the brown ones here!



Tonight we picked pumpkins in our own little pumpkin patch!
This year was the first year we planted pumpkins and ended up with a dozen -
A Dozen! Crazy!!

 It isn't super crafty -
but it's an endeavor nonetheless to find the perfect pumpkin!

Now we just need to carve them up!


Reminder: Family Stitcheries For Christmas!

Have you thought about Christmas yet?
I know some of you are and have received emails asking about my stitcheries.

Things are going to get really busy for me in the next few weeks with a new little one arriving around the first of November so I wanted to get a jump start on my orders for Christmas.

Please have your order into me by the end of this week!  I know that seems early but it is only 9 weeks away from Christmas - The last day I will mail any out will be December 13th so I can ensure you will have them in time for Christmas morning - obviously if you get your order in sooner you will receive it sooner!
I can only stitch so many so first come, first serve!

Send me over an email to everycraftyendeavor@gmail
with the information found here to get started.



Fotofly Boutique

I was asked to be in this awesome boutique...

and at first I was like "Yay!! Sweet!! This will be awesome!"

and then life hits -
and things don't always go as planned -
and sometimes when you are 36 weeks pregnant you feel the need to simplify -
and spend your time doing other things -
and then you feel totally unprepared.

so instead of being a vendor at this awesome event -
I am going to be a shopper!!

Which probably suits me even better!!
And if you are a great shopper too - and want to get a jump start on Christmas - you should join me and tons of other ladies for an awesome girls night out with crafts from some of my favorite bloggers! I am super excited!


Tip: Getting Wax Out of Carpet

On Friday night my husband and I were in the kitchen getting ready for dinner - I didn't make anything special - because lets face it - on Friday night's I am just too tired lately. We were just going to eat at the bar top and spare us the whole set the table/clear the table thing when I moved a mug of water, not remembering that right behind it I had a yummy candle burning - It fell off the bar top onto the counter and splashed hot wax ALL over the kitchen! Including all over my husband - sorry sweetie!

As we were cleaning up wax from everywhere - even places you would never guess that wax could get - I remembered back to when I was younger and wax was somehow spilt on the carpet, my mom was so smart and taught me how to get it cleaned up so I thought I would share it with you.

How to get wax out of your carpet

Yes -  I did spill a little bit of wax on the carpet for this post. Sacrifice Right?
I wanted to show that it really truly worked and I can't do it without a demo -
Shhhh... don't tell my husband!

Place a plain white piece of paper over the spot with wax.

Then warm up your iron on a medium setting...

... and iron over the top of the paper right where the wax is.

The wax will melt onto the paper.

I move the paper and refluff up the carpet where I ironed it down - if you don't have fluffy carpet you won't really need to do that.

Then I repeat and repeat until no more wax comes up.
be careful that you keep the iron on your paper so you don't melt the carpet -

And when you are no longer soaking up wax, take a warm damp rag and wipe the spot - and you will have no more wax!

This also works on your cloth couches as well!


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