Candy Bouquets

This is such a fun gift for Valentine's!
I know My Sweetie loves getting his favorite candies
all wrapped up cute with a little love note!

You can find a simple tutorial on how to make one here.
Some other twists for Valentines would be to make a candy bouquet with:
  • Big Hunks
  • Hot Tamales
  • Sugar Daddies
  • Mr. Goodbars

The Girl Creative


Make your Monday
Crap I've Made

Family Stitchery Winner

After counting up all the comments and all the extra entries
- there were 176!

Thanks ladies!!

I did the random number generator and it picked #53!!
(I would post it here but I am not sure how!)

So the winner is Anne who won by posting about the giveaway but said
"This would be a great gift for my MIL! Thanks for the chance!"


"I absolutely love the glazed washer necklaces tutorial! I've seen them before but not with the nice glazy finish! very cute!"

Congrats Anne!!

Contact me at everycraftyendeavor (at) gmail (dot) com
to claim your prize!

If Anne doesn't contact me by Sunday Night at Midnight
- I will choose another winner!

If you didn't win (sorry girls!) and would like to purchase one
all the info you need is right here!

Friday Favorites

Here are my Friday Favorites for this week!
I found some really cute things!
You guys all know how much I love a cute scarf
so when I saw this I couldn't resist!
Run over to At Second Street and check it out!
Check out this growth chart from Lyndsey's Craft Spot! So fun! When I was growing up we would just mark it on the wall but this is such a cute decoration for a room! I am totally making one!

Check out this Make Believe Tweed Jacket from Tea Rose Home.
So cute! I love it!

Ruffle Knit Scarves

I am loving scarves this year!

They are such a fun accessory -

I am trying to be BOLD and break out of my
Black and Brown mindset and add a little color!

So far - I am loving them!

You can find how to make them here.


Last Day for my Giveaway!

Today is the very last day to enter my Family Stitchery Giveaway
I have going on right now -
So click on over and hurry and enter if you haven't yet!

Baby Gifts

My super sweet sister (in-law) watches my little monkey 2-3 times a week and insists that I cannot pay her. She takes such great care of my baby boy and loves him so much - her youngest thinks my little guy is his younger brother! It really is so cute!

Well, when I was giving birth -
Jenn was finding out that she was (surprise!!) pregnant!

Only since this baby was a surprise she has nothing for her!
They thought they were done!

So I decided that every couple times I dropped my baby off at her house, I would drop off something that I made for her soon-to-be-baby girl as well!

Here are just a few things that I have made her:

Burp Cloths

A Minky Blankie

So far she has loved them all!
I can't wait to share what else I have in the works for her!
She is due in April - A Tax Baby -
so I am sure you will see a few more creations!


Ribbon Heart Wreath

Last night, I made another wreath for Valentine's Day.
I had the heart form just sitting there staring at me
so I thought - why not?
First I raided my ribbon and picked out some whites and reds that I thought would look good together.
Second, I cut them into strips - long enough to double knot around the heart.
Third, I flipped on "The Biggest Loser"
and went to town tying ribbon after ribbon.

(on a side note: Do you side with Jillian or Melissa? I am with Jillian all the way -
but I love when there is a crazy person in the house! ha!!)
I tied....

and tied.

In no particular order...
I just did a white ribbon and then a red ribbon.
Lastly, I hot glued a red ribbon to the back and hung it up in my front room!
I love it!
If you make a Valentine's wreath, take a picture and post it -
then leave your link so I can see how it turned out!
p.s. I can't wait to see what is going to happen next week on "TBL" -
It looks so intense!!


How to make a Valentine's Feather Boa Heart Wreath

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I thought it would be fun to spice up my front door with a fun little Feather Boa Wreath

First: Gather your supplies! You will need:

A styrofoam heart form
Feather boa
Glue gun
Tulle or ribbon

Second: Start at the bottom of the heart (at the tip) and
glue the end of the boa on.

Third: Glue the boa to the top of the heart, making sure you glue
the rope in the middle of the boa and not just the feathers.

(Sorry for the crappy photos - I did this craft in my living room while
I was watching "The Bachelor"
A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! hee.hee.hee!)

Fourth: Continue gluing around the entire heart.

Fifth: When you are done gluing, cut off the remainder of the boa if you have any left and flip the heart over with the back side facing you.

Sixth: To make sure your heart - looks like a heart and to give it better form,
gently take a few of the fly away feathers and glue them to the back.
This will also hide any white that is showing in the middle of all that fluff!
Don't get too carried away - you still want it to be poofy!

Seventh: Use about 2 feet of tulle and tie a bow at the ends.
Glue the loop to the back of the wreath.

Eighth: Hang it up for all to admire and adore.

(I wish my door was a different color - Then you could see the cute bow -
maybe that will be a project for another day!)

I also just realized that I am going to spray it with some glitter spray -
to make it sparkle and pop!


Summer over at Sumo's Sweet Stuff has a tutorial for a feather round wreath-


Friday Favorites

This week as I browsed around the bloggy world,
I found and fell in love with these ideas!
They are just too cute to not feature as my favorites!
(They are in no particular order)
I am a total magnet snob, but when I saw these I fell in love!
Head on over to My Little Gems to check them out!

I can't get over how cute this pillow is
Ashley made over at Make it and Love it.

I love this darling wreath from Dejavu Crafts!

Head on over to their SUPER CUTE ideas and show them some love!


How to Make Flower Clips

After having some friends over, I decided that I need to work on my accessories.
So, I made some flower clips for my hair.
They are so easy to make.
These are great because they work for long or short hair
and for headband for babies!
First: Gather your supplies. You will need:
  • Fake Flowers of Any Kind. (I find that the flatter flowers work better)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Clips
  • 3/8" ribbon
Second: Snip off the stem of all the flowers.
They usually have a green piece around the bottom of the flower
take that off too.
Third: Get your Clips.
Fourth: Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the top of your clip. Clip one end of the fabric inside. Put a line of glue on top of the clip and fold your ribbon back over itself. This will glue the piece clipped inside to the outside ribbon.
Fifth: Put a dot of glue on the top and bottom of the clip where you press to open it and continue to wrap the ribbon.

Sixth: Snip off any extra.
Your clip should look like this.
You can also get some cute ribbon and make little clips for your little ones.
Seventh: Glue your flower to the middle of your clip.
And your done!

Wear them yourself and share them with your girls!!


Hob Lob Hopla!

Head on over to my "mommy blog" to read about the funniest thing I have ever seen happen in a craft store.

Hob Lob Hopla.

It isn't really a craft, but it happened in a craft store and is super funny!

You won't regret. I promise.


Craft Night: Bows

Each month, I get together with a fabulous group
of girls and we have a craft night.
We each take a turn teaching a craft, then talk, craft and eat all night!
I love it! Crafting with friends is the best.

Last night was craft night and my good friend, Angie,
taught us all how to make these darling bows -

Since I don't have any girls (one day, one day!)
I made my bows for my sister's cute baby.

Here are the ones I made and helped make:
(I say helped because my sister is left-handed so I had to translate a lot for her!)
I made the big blue and brown bow, the little purple clipie
and one of the blue and pink bows.

My sister made the other ones.
Cute Right? Right!

Here is a sample of some other ones that were made as well.
I think they are all so darling.
I have always wanted to learn how to make some really cute bows -
now I just need to learn the curly ones and I will be set!

For instructions and some really cute ribbon head on over to

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway!


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