Craft Night: Bows

Each month, I get together with a fabulous group
of girls and we have a craft night.
We each take a turn teaching a craft, then talk, craft and eat all night!
I love it! Crafting with friends is the best.

Last night was craft night and my good friend, Angie,
taught us all how to make these darling bows -

Since I don't have any girls (one day, one day!)
I made my bows for my sister's cute baby.

Here are the ones I made and helped make:
(I say helped because my sister is left-handed so I had to translate a lot for her!)
I made the big blue and brown bow, the little purple clipie
and one of the blue and pink bows.

My sister made the other ones.
Cute Right? Right!

Here is a sample of some other ones that were made as well.
I think they are all so darling.
I have always wanted to learn how to make some really cute bows -
now I just need to learn the curly ones and I will be set!

For instructions and some really cute ribbon head on over to

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway!


Michelle said...

Sorry I could not make it. I LOVE the little clippy bows. So cute!

De Javu Crafts said...

i love making bows for my little girls and i love the clips...im going to try and make some!!
thanks for sharing...and a craft night sounds so fuN!

Anonymous said...

One day when I'm not a senior in college, my room will probably be overflowing with crafts because I love all of yours SO MUCH! Brilliant. Can I just say that my face lights up when you post another craft? Cause it does! :)


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