How to Sew and Bind a Blanket Tutorial

Last night I tried my hand at making and binding a baby blanket
and I came out with this:
I am by no means a professional sewer, and my blanket is less than perfect,
but I love it, and so does my little guy.
First: Cut your material to the size that you would like.
Second: (Optional) Cut your batting just a titch bigger than the fabric.

Third: Layer all your pieces.
Fourth: Measure around the entire blanket,
then cut/tear strips of fabric for your binding.
I add about an inch extra.
Fifth: Press both sides of your strips.
Sixth: Fold and press strips in half.
Seventh: Sew strips into one big long strip.
Eighth: Press and sew the end of your strip.
Ninth: Start Pining the binding in place a couple inches from a corner.
Since I used Minky - I used lots and lots of pins!

Tenth: Hold the corner with your thumb.
Eleventh: Wrap the corner creating a triangle.
Twelfth: Take the corners of the triangle and fold them down.
Pin in place.
This creates a mitred look. You may need to practice a bit - I did!
Thirteenth: Continue on (pinning as you go) until all the corners are done and
you are back to the beginning.
If you flip the blanket over, it should look the exact same on that side.
Fourteenth: Slowly, slowly, slowly sew the edge of your binding.
You may need to practice, practice, practice -
I know I did or should have - or whatever!
Fifteenth: Enjoy snuggling up in your new blankie!
I love the minky! It is so, so, so soft!

I hope this makes sense! If you know of a different way to bind or know of other binding tutorials that may seem easier - let me know!
Otherwise, Happy Sewing!


Free Pretty Things For You said...

Than you for finding me and for your comment !!
super cute blog you have!! cant wait to see more of your work :)!
Your new Follower

Michelle said...

Way cute! I want a big minky blanket for me! It is seriously so snuggly!

Operation Sweet Dreams said...

Hi I found you on Keren's blog. I love your blog! I'm going to attempt to make a baby blanket. I can't wait! I can't wait to see more of your posts as well. When you get a chance check out my blog too :)

BreeAnn said...

I love this blog! You do a fabulous job! You are truly so crafty!

The Schmidts said...

Hey! I have been making baby blankets too! Although, I get the same look without having to do a separate binding... I'll have to show you, super easy!-Ashlee

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I have a quilt I need to finish and this answered my question!

Throckmorton Jones said...

I have a baby blanket and a blanket for my boyfriend to do next weekend. The baby blanket I'm not quite sure how to go about- I am adding a hood to it so not sure if I will just hem the edges (its fleece so doesn't need hemming but will look more finished) or use binding... will be a little trial and error I guess, but I am up for it. :)


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