How to Make Beanies from a Sweater

My little guy hates having the blankets covering him
when we take him somewhere.
He will pull them off as soon as we put them on.
But his little ears and head freeze without them -
So I compromised with my 5 month old and went for a beanie instead.
I searched far and wide for a cute one at the store -
and not only were they way too small or way too big
they cost way too much $$$!
He grows like a weed - and will soon outgrow it anyway.
So I made a couple...
... from a sweater I stole out of my hubby's closet!

You will need:
  • an old sweater
  • Scissors
  • yarn
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • a beanie
First: Cut out your beanie using your old beanie as a pattern.
I used a smaller beanie so I cut mine a bit bigger.
Lay the beanie on the bottom of the sweater and simply cut out around it.
Second: Put the right sides together and sew around the top
leaving the bottom open.
Third: Fold the beanie in half the opposite way of which you sewed.
Fourth: Sew a straight line across the top and cut off the extra fabric.

This gives your beanie its form -
Turn it inside out and you are done!
Since I made mine for a little boy I didn't embellish it at all.
However, if I made one for a girl or myself
- I would probably put some ribbon
or a cute flower on it to give it a little "pop!"

For the second Beanie, I used the sleeve of the sweater.

First: I measured the sleeve and cut where it was big enough then stitched
one line around the bottom to make sure it wouldn't frey.
Second: I made my pom poms.
First wrap your yarn around your fingers...
... then tie it around the middle...
... and cut the loops and poof it out a bit.
Third: Double wrap and tie the yarn around the top of the beanie.
Gather it together and tie a knot leaving the ends a bit longer.
Fourth: Tie your pom poms onto the longer pieces
and you are done!
Once again - Feel free to add flowers or ribbons to personalize it.
These are so simple and took me less than a half hour to make both.
They are sweater material so they are nice and warm!

Now, I want to make one for me!


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Prior said...

oh, so cute! Lezlee

Cha Cha said...

The hat is cute but the baby is the best!!!!! I do really like the hat ideas, your pompoms are to sweet. You did a great job, thanks for the inspiration.

Cha Cha

The Yorgason's said...

That is way fun! That baby is super cute! I have a big little boy that keeps growing out of all of his cute hats. I will have to do this! Thanks for sharing!

Sally Ann said...

such a great idea! I just might make one for my nephew (as if he doesn't have enough hats already!!) That baby is so so cute!! (if only i could get my nephew to smile like that when I'm taking pictures of him!)


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