How to make a Ruffle Scarf

Scarves are such the "in thing" now - and I love them!!
But, soon - all the scarves at the store start looking all the same.
So, I browsed around the Net and came up with this idea!

The Ruffle Knit Scarf

First: Gather your supplies. You will need:
  • A sewing machine
  • An extra bobbin
  • A tape measure
  • 1/2 yard Jersey Knit Material - any color
    (It is important that you buy knit so your sides don't frey)
  • Matching Thread
  • Elastic Thread
  • Scissors
  • and about 20 minutes!

Second: Fold your knit into half and then half again.
Make sure you fold it so you have 1/2 a yard (18 inches)

Third: Measure out 9 inches and cut your material in half.

Fourth: Sew your two halves together -

You should now have one BIG LONG Piece.

Fifth: HAND wind the bobbin - don't use your machine to do it.
You want to wind it as tightly as possible without stretching the elastic.

Sixth: Get your machine ready so you have your matching thread on top
and the elastic thread in the bobbin.
You want to set your machine to a baste stitch - a long stitch.

Seventh: Sew a straight line ALL THE WAY Down one side.
Make sure you back stitch so the thread doesn't come out.
You will see the material start to bunch as it passes through the machine.
I stitched mine about a 1 1/2 inches in -
I just used the metal plate on my machine as my guide.

(Make sure your seam where you sewed your ends together is down.)

Eighth: When you are done with one side - repeat on the other.

Ninth: Clip all your loose strings.


Found idea here

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Free Pretty Things For You said...

Very Very Chic!
wish i had a sewing machine!! :(
One day God willing :)

Michelle said...

I LOVE it! Wanna make me one? ;)

jeffcam said...

Love it. I want you to make me some. :)

rarely David usually Lisa said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I made one. You can see it at www.seekingafterthesethings.blogspot.com.

Christie said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial. I am making this right now for a gift:). So cute!

Tonya said...

Oh man I NEED one of these little pretties!! I wish I could sew. I love the gren one too!

Bohemian Gypsy Goddess said...

AWESOME! I want to make a pair of lycra pants like this, with heavy gathering/ruching up both sides! Would be so cute!

Rosies said...

I did a scarf tutorial almost identical to this except I used crushed velvet! It is one of my favorites! They are so fast and easy I love to give them as gifts to my friends!

Wani said...

So cute! I'll have to try my hand at the elastic bobbin thread. Thanks!

Dani said...

must...TRY! new follower...blogged about this...come check me out!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I'm inspired!!! I'm going to apply this tutorial to a curtain for my niece's room. Can't wait to let you know how it turns out!!!


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