How to Make a Shabby Knit Scarf

First: Gather your supplies. You will need:
  • A sewing machine
  • 1/2 yard of Jersey Knit material
    (Make sure it is Knit so your material sides don't frey)
  • matching thread
  • A measuring tape
  • Scissors

Second: Fold your material in half for easy cutting.
Make sure you have folded so you have 1/2 a yard (18 inches)
And cut off 2 inches at the end.

Third: Cut the remaining 16 inches in half.
You should have two 8 inch pieces and one 2 inch piece.

Fourth: Take your 2 inch piece and cut it into seven 8 inch sections.

Fifth: Fold your 8 inch sections in half for easy cutting...

Sixth: ... then cut in half.

Seventh: Cut those two pieces in half.
You should end up with 28 1/2 inch pieces.

Eighth: Pin 7 strips onto each end of your 8 inch pieces.
The strips will roll up so make sure you pin them with them rolling up.

Ninth: Sew one straight line across each strip.
Do this for each of the four ends.
(You can see that I cut my scarf piece a little crazy -
No worries - It still works and still looks great!)

Tenth: Sew the both pieces together all the way around.
Remember - this is a shabby little scarf so sew it with the right sides out
and let the edges roll just a tiny bit.
I used the edge of my "foot" to measure and keep me straight.

Eleventh: Trim any loose threads.
Trim up your edges and your done!


Note: These are just basic instructions - if you would like your scarf longer or your shabby pieces a bit bigger, use more fabric and make it the way you would like!

Found this idea here.


nateandcole said...

What a cute scarf. I like the ruffles!

Angie said...

Very cute!


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