Ribbon Heart Wreath

Last night, I made another wreath for Valentine's Day.
I had the heart form just sitting there staring at me
so I thought - why not?
First I raided my ribbon and picked out some whites and reds that I thought would look good together.
Second, I cut them into strips - long enough to double knot around the heart.
Third, I flipped on "The Biggest Loser"
and went to town tying ribbon after ribbon.

(on a side note: Do you side with Jillian or Melissa? I am with Jillian all the way -
but I love when there is a crazy person in the house! ha!!)
I tied....

and tied.

In no particular order...
I just did a white ribbon and then a red ribbon.
Lastly, I hot glued a red ribbon to the back and hung it up in my front room!
I love it!
If you make a Valentine's wreath, take a picture and post it -
then leave your link so I can see how it turned out!
p.s. I can't wait to see what is going to happen next week on "TBL" -
It looks so intense!!


Maghann said...

Your valentines wreaths are super cute!! Love them!

Laura said...

I love the biggest loser. I know it's probably planned to have one person every season be full of drama, but they are the reason I want to watch every week. It makes me laugh because my husband gets into it just as much as I do, but he hates reality shows. Red sucks, go grey and purple!

BreeAnn said...

I really like this one and am pretty sure I can make it! I might try it this weekend. And oh yes i do love TBL! It is sweet!

Scrapity Anne said...

LOL!!! I was doing the exact same thing during the BIggest Loser! That is hilarious!! 2 hours is a great time to mindlessly tie ribbon.

Traci said...

love this wreath!!! i may just have to make one too!


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