Pillows with Ruffles Slipcover Tutorial

Did you see me on Tuesday over at Seven Thirty Three?
If not, here is what we did!

I am working on decorating my house (aren't we all!)
and am currently making pillows for my couch.

Here is how I made a pillow with ruffles.
Ruffles are the big thing all over lately so this will be perfect!

First: Find two coordinating fabrics.

Second: Figure out which pillow you want to cover
and measure it. Mine was 18 inches.

Third: Cut your fabric 1 inch longer than your pillow.
So for me it was 19 inches.
My fabric is the standard 42" wide.
Then I hemmed both 19" sides.

Fourth: I layed out the piece and measured the entire thing.
It was 41.5 inches.
I subtracted 18" (for my pillow) and came up with 23.5"
then I divided that in half and came up with 11.75"

I measured 11.75" from both ends and marked it.

Fifth: I folded them at the mark and pressed them
so I could see the crease.

From crease to crease should be 18"

Set that part aside.

Sixth: Cut your second fabric into 3 -3" pieces.
Since my pillow is 18" I doubled it and made it 36" long.
Then I pressed and hemmed each side and
made a baste stitch down the center.
With the baste stitch I was able to gather the fabric.

Seventh: I pinned one side to the edge of the crease
and worked my way down pinning as I went to the second crease.

Eighth: I stitched on the ruffles, pulled out the basting
and repeated - twice!

Ninth: Then I overlapped the fabric, folding at the crease
and stitched the top and bottom closed.

Tenth: I turned it right side out and was finished!

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Creativity Week

Head on over to Seven Thirty Three for Creativity Week - this week!

Kim has lined up tons of really fun tutorials and giveways-
from different creative bloggers!

and if you hurry over there today
you might even see me there!!


Jean Skirt Purses Tutorial

Let's turn our old skirts into cute purses!
A lady at my mom's work brought these little purses in about a year and a half ago and I thought they were so cute that I started making them too!
First: Dig out all your old jean skirts or head over to the nearest goodwill
and pick some up for super cheap!
Second: Decide the size of purse you would like and cut off the extra.
(keep that extra for the denim quilt you will make... someday!)
Third: Turn the skirt inside out and fold in half
to make sure your cut was even.

Fourth: Cut your handles out of canvas.
(There are lots of different thread strengths and colors
so pick the one that works best for you.)
Fifth: Pin the canvas handles to the inside of the skirt.
Sixth: Stitch them on!
Seventh: After you have sewn on all four ends,
Sew the bottom of the skirt closed.
Eighth: Turn the purse right side out, add a cute ribbon
and you are done!

Sometimes I add a ribbon and call it good.
Other times I go all out and add all sorts of fun things to
Jazz them up a bit.
It depends on what I am making them for.

There are so many things you can do with them when you are done.
I add all sorts of fun little items and give them as gifts.

You can use the longer skirts to make bigger purses
and use them as diaper bags.

You can also use them for your Sunday bag full of goodies for the little ones
or scripture bags for your Activity Day Girls or Young Women.

The possibilities are really endless...
One tip I have is when you are looking for skirts to turn into bags
Look for fun pockets or different colored threads.
Those things always add a little "extra" to the bag
with you having to do nothing!

As usual, if you make some of these - leave me a comment and let me know
so I can check out how crafty you are!


Missionary Stitchery

Remember in this post how I mentioned that we (as in me and my family)
stitched little missionaries?

I finally got my little hands on one!

My sister stitched one for her then-boyfriend
now-husband's mother when he left on his mission in 2005.

Today my sister and her husband blessed their new baby
and I was able to talk his mom into bringing it for a picture -
which wasn't hard because she is a sweetie!

You would think that I would just stitch up a new one,
But I don't know any missionaries going out right now -

The tie in this stitchery looks just like Dave's favorite tie
and the scripture was the scripture he choose for his mission.

I love doing these and think it is so fun for any mom to hang in her
home while her son or daughter is out serving -
and to have as a reminder when they return.

Sorry you can totally see my reflection taking the pictures...
but with glass, what do you do!


Friday Favorites

I needed a St. Patty's Day wreath and
this one from A Little Sparkle is so cute!
I am totally making one! and the green burlap
will be great for my next Friday Favorite...

...I love this "Lucky" Pillow from Craftaholics Anonymous -When it popped up on my reader I about died of cuteness! She even has a tutorial to show you how to make it.

I love this Lucky Board complete with Shamrock from Drab to Fab!
I love how it hangs! So cute!


Giveaways Galore!

A good friend of mine, Michelle - has an adorable little blog called
A Little Tipsy!

This week has been her Blogiversary and
she has been giving things away like crazy!

Cute things too! Like watch bands and clip art for your little ones
and even wedding invites!

Get over there right now and enter to win something super fun!

And tomorrow (Friday)- I am going to do a giveaway for another cute scarf!
So if you didn't win the last giveaway - hurry over and enter this one!

Stepping On Toes

Recently I had an issue come up where a fantastic blogger thought I had stolen an idea of hers. She emailed me about the problem and I hopped over to her blog for the very first time and saw that we did have very similar ideas.

She had worked really hard for few years to create such a cute idea – and the same idea had been in my family for a while – the problem was – she created her blog and posted about it first.

Then I came along and unknowingly posted the same idea.

Her feelings were hurt at the thought that I would cheat her out of her idea.

My feelings were hurt because I would never steal from someone and love to promote crafty bloggers and their ideas.

I feel awful about the whole situation and I hope she doesn’t hate me.
However, I can see her side. I have been on her side. I have come up with cute ideas, invited someone into my home and then saw my idea at their home claiming it was “their” idea.

It hurts – badly.

Everyone should be give recognition for their hard work and creative idea and no one should feel cheated out of it.

I have now sat on both sides of the fence and neither side feels very good.

I dislike being copy-catted without recognition that it was my idea. I complain about it to my husband often.

But I really hate (and hate is a strong word) someone feeling like I cheated them.

I would rather have people copy me all day long then have one second where someone felt cheated because of me. I have been thinking about this nonstop since she contacted me. Worried as to what I should do and feeling sick to my stomach.

I have had a million and one thoughts about this.
How do I fix it?
What if I post another idea – and someone else feels like I stole it from them?
How can I be sure this never happens again?
Can I never post another idea out of fear that someone else posted it first?
Am I paranoid because of this one situation?

Sadly, I can’t.

What is done is done and I can only hope that I made the problem a little better.

I can’t be sure it will never happen again because I can’t physically check every single blog and post to make sure no one has the same idea.

This problem has opened my eyes to a whole new world of crafts.

There are so many talented ladies out there who share some amazing ideas.
Ideas that may be posted one time and forgotten and other ideas that circle the blog world like bees in a hive.

I know that a lot of people love vinyl and sewing and stitching and wood crafts and building things and painting and cooking and refinishing and scrapbooking and card making and I could go on and on – but how can you be sure and I mean really sure you don’t step on any toes?

If I am out blog hopping and find a cute idea that I love –and make it – I always give credit to where I found the idea. I try to promote cute ideas and blogs with my Feature Fridays and hope that people would give me credit as well. It if is an idea that I have seen everywhere (like ruffles) I try to say something generic like “I have seen this idea everywhere” to ensure that I didn’t come up with the ruffle but the idea may still be something I thought up in the shower!

I want to open this up to discussion- So followers, lurkers, people passing by –
Has this ever happened to you?
Do you have strong opinions regarding it?
Do you worry about the same thing?
I am just overly paranoid now?

Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think. Please know that I am reading each comment so please be tasteful – it is my blog and I will delete it if I feel it is unnecessary. I just mean I don’t want comments like “Well “so and so” stole my idea so I told her where to stick it” you know –stuff like that.

And if the blogger who inspired this post happens to stop by, please know that I am really, truly sorry and can see your point of view and I hope you don’t hate me. You really are very crafty and if I ever take something from your darling blog – I promise to link back!

Swiss Chicken

A couple weeks ago, I saw a blog (I can't remember whose but I left you a comment!)
that had a recipe really similar to one
that has been in my family for a long time.
It reminded me of the yummy dinner - So I made it!
Swiss Chicken
You will need:
  • 4-5 Chicken Breasts
  • 4-5 Pieces of Swiss Cheese
  • 1 Can of Cream of Chicken
  • 1/2 Cup of Milk
  • Bread Crumbs
Lay the chicken breasts in an oven safe dish.
Cover each piece of chicken with a slice of swiss cheese.
Mix the Cream of Chicken and milk and cover the chicken and cheese.
Top with bread crumbs.
Bake at 350 for an hour.
Serve over rice.
It is so yummy! I always make it with green beans as a side dish -
and this time I made Cheddar Bay Biscuits too!

Blog Swap: Keeping it Simple

I am blog swapping today with Kaysi at Keeping it Simple!
Show her some L.O.V.E -
and then come visit me and show me some L.O.V.E!!

Hello all you Every Crafty Endeavor readers! I am super excited to be here with you today!! Amanda has such a great blog and I love going and looking at all the things that she comes up with!

Let me introduce myself, I'm Kaysi

Keeping It Simple

Here are a few things about me:
I am the mother of three boys, ages 4, 3 and 1
I have been married to an amazing man for 6 years
I love chocolate!!
I love color, green is my favorite but brown and blue are up there
When I get a spare moment, I love to craft or look at crafts
I enjoy singing and dancing
I enjoy running but rarely am motivated enough to do it

Each day of the week, I have something different.
Motivate me Monday, that's where I have link party and you get to show me all the cute things that you have done.
Tutorial Tuesday, I give a tutorial of a craft that I have done
Whatever Wednesday, this is my day that I put anything up.
Tip Thursday, this is the day that I post a scrapbook idea or give a scrapbook tip
Fridays are the days that I do Blog swaps with other bloggers.

Here are a few things that you can see at my blog:

You should stop on by and see what else I have!!

Thanks Amanda for doing this blog swap with me, it has been fun!

You are more than welcome Kaysi!!
And if anyone else wants to blog swap just contact me!


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