Blog Swap with The Girl Creative!!

Today I am blog swapping with the cute girl over at The Girl Creative! Show her some love!!

Hello Every Crafty Endeavor readers! It's Diana from The Girl Creative! I'm so excited to be blog swapping with Amanda today. She is one talented girl, don't ya think? She has so many great ideas. :) She's guest posting over at my blog today so I hope you pay her a visit and show her some support. It's always nice to see familiar faces. :)

Today I'm going to be telling you a bit about myself and then sharing some of my favorite projects with you so please get comfy.

I am a Christian by faith and a happily married mom to 2 of the funniest little girls ever, Emilee and Grace. We have an insane dog named Buster who just adds to the chaos that is our life. I've been blogging for a few years but The Girl Creative is my most recent adventure. Every Monday I host a linky party called Just Something I Whipped Up where my readers show off their most recent creations. Occasionally I post digital scrapbook freebies as well as blogging secrets and tips. I also offer a la cart blog design services. Most of the time, though, you can find projects that I've worked on that turned out decent enough to share. lol

Here are a few of my favorite projects to date:

This is a wreath I made for Valentine's Day using an old wire hanger and some scrap fabric and ribbon.

Would you believe that this is an old DVD case? This project was super, super easy.

I had an adorable pillowcase dress that was too small for my girls so I turned it into 2 aprons, one for each of my girls.

A trip to the dollar store and a little imagination gave me these personalized boards for my daughter's room. This is quite possibly my favorite project to date. I love how they came out.

Thank you so much for letting me share a small part of my world with you. I hope you stop by and visit from time to time. We'd love to have you.

Thank you, Amanda, for swapping blogs with me. I had a blast!


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BreeAnn said...

Hi Diana, Love your blog! I will add your link to mine! Thx for sharing your creative talents!


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