Pillows with Ruffles Slipcover Tutorial

Did you see me on Tuesday over at Seven Thirty Three?
If not, here is what we did!

I am working on decorating my house (aren't we all!)
and am currently making pillows for my couch.

Here is how I made a pillow with ruffles.
Ruffles are the big thing all over lately so this will be perfect!

First: Find two coordinating fabrics.

Second: Figure out which pillow you want to cover
and measure it. Mine was 18 inches.

Third: Cut your fabric 1 inch longer than your pillow.
So for me it was 19 inches.
My fabric is the standard 42" wide.
Then I hemmed both 19" sides.

Fourth: I layed out the piece and measured the entire thing.
It was 41.5 inches.
I subtracted 18" (for my pillow) and came up with 23.5"
then I divided that in half and came up with 11.75"

I measured 11.75" from both ends and marked it.

Fifth: I folded them at the mark and pressed them
so I could see the crease.

From crease to crease should be 18"

Set that part aside.

Sixth: Cut your second fabric into 3 -3" pieces.
Since my pillow is 18" I doubled it and made it 36" long.
Then I pressed and hemmed each side and
made a baste stitch down the center.
With the baste stitch I was able to gather the fabric.

Seventh: I pinned one side to the edge of the crease
and worked my way down pinning as I went to the second crease.

Eighth: I stitched on the ruffles, pulled out the basting
and repeated - twice!

Ninth: Then I overlapped the fabric, folding at the crease
and stitched the top and bottom closed.

Tenth: I turned it right side out and was finished!

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Random Research Girl said...

I need some pillows covers right now!Do you know how to copy the one from pottery barn, with buttons? and how much would cost that?

Maghann said...

Very cute, 'Mana! I love ruffles myself. It looks great :)

Jami Schoettler said...

I'm going to have to try this. Adorable! Jami

Amanda Lee said...

fun project! love the combination of patterns!

Crystal said...

love the pillow. thanks for the tutorial. where did you find that fabric you covered the pillow in?


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