Valentine Kisses

Disclaimer: Let me start off by apologizing for the pictures - I know they aren't top quality - but I had forgotten my camera and my hubby was very nice to take these pictures for me on his phone. I am trying to ignore the bad pixels and his disregard for funky shadows so I hope you will too. I learned long ago that if you ask someone for help, you go with what they give you - so here is what I was given!

Valentine Kisses!
Last night at a church activity, Michelle had made these and I thought they were so cute and perfect for my little man's Valentine gifts.
First, I made the tags on my computer.
Then I made the ooey, gooey Rice Krispie Treats!
I added M&M's to mine - I love the little extra color they bring.
Next, I loaded the yummy mixture into a funnel!
(Also borrowed from Michelle)
I used the funnel because it makes the perfect
form for a kiss!
Then I wrapped them up in tin foil and added the tag.
They turned out super cute!
I know you can't see it in the pictures -
but trust me, they are cute!

What are you handing out for Valentine's this year?


The Girl Creative said...

Those look sooooo yummy!!!!

Jocelyn said...

Those are too cute!


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