I have about three or four projects sitting half finished all over my home...

But I have a little baby with a strange virus and ear infections and snuggling him is more important than any craft - We left on a short trip for a fun weekend and came back to both of us feeling yucky.

Hopefully we will be feeling better soon and I will be able to get some things posted. I have a bunch of tutorials that I have promised people through email - I haven't forgotten, I have just been doing other things... like throwing up and whipping snotty noses.



Personalized Pillowcases

Did you guys see me this week over at Crystal's Craft Spot?
If you missed me, here is what we did!

Personalized Pillowcases!

First: Let's start with the pillowcase itself.
I am sure all of you know how to make a pillowcase
and have been doing it since 7th grade Home Ec. -
but just in case you haven't -

You will need a yard of fabric per pillowcase.

I chose white. I love white pillowcases.
Second: Fold and press about a half an inch
then fold and press another 2 inches.
This will make the edge of your pillowcase.
Third: Stitch about a 1/4 an inch from the edge of your press,
then turn it "inside out" and stitch all the way
around your pillowcase. When you are done stitching,
you will turn the fabric right side out and be done with the pillowcase.
.... So easy!
Fourth: Print up the words you would like on your pillowcase.
Then cut them out!

Fifth: Fuse your fabric choice to the "Wonder Under."
Sixth: Pin your letters to the fabric.
Seventh: Cut them out - very nicely!
Eighth: Pull the paper off the back of your cut out letters...

.... and position them onto the pillowcase.
Ninth: Iron on your letters!

Tenth: Stitch around each letter to make sure they
are totally secure for a long time!


Usually, I am not a big Camo girl...
But these are going to be our "camping" and "traveling" pillowcases
so I catered to my hubby - and he loves them!

I call them "camping" pillowcases because they are the pillowcases
we will use when we are out camping or traveling
so we don't ruin our nice ones that go on our beds!

I don't know about you - but I love to take my own pillow -
but worry about the nice cases.
Now, I can have my pillow and peace of mind too!

Now I just need to finish mine!


Blog Swap: Chocolate Sundaes

I am really excited about my blog swap today! Jamielyn is such a doll and has so many great ideas! Check her out here and then head on over to her blog to see what else she has been working on!
Hey! I'm Jamielyn from I naptime w/ chocolate sundaes!

I’m so excited to be blogswapping with Amanda today. I just love her glazed wall art and her fun ruffled pillows, and flowers! So cute!

Well let me introduce myself. I was born and raised in the lovely sunshine state ARIZONA! I am married to my best friend and have a one year old named Carson. I was born on leap year; I love chocolate, Mexican food, anything crafty, baking, and snuggling with my 2 favorite boys, Grey’s Anatomy, and the smell of a fresh coat of paint.

I have to say I have the 2 best jobs in the world…being a mother to the cutest chunky monkey and being a hair stylist.

I started my blog about 5 months ago, because honestly my family blog seemed to be overloaded with fun projects I had completed, or a yummy treat I baked that day. I have loved having this craft blog because it keeps me on my creative toes. AND lets face it..."I heart naptime!" That is the only part of my day I have time for fun crafty projects...which you all know we love!

I hope you all come check out my blog Chocolate Sundaes where you can find:

fun holiday inspiration
Modpodged Ribbon Holder - you won't believe the before shots...
and Birthday Party ideas
and our kitchen makeover we just finished!

Thanks for having me Amanda, I had fun swapping with you! I'd love for all of you to come on by Chocolate Sundaes and see what other projects I have up my sleeve. :)

Happy Thursday!


Guest Posting at Crystal's Craft Spot

I am guest posting today on Crystal's Craft Spot!
Head on over and check out my pillowcases that I made -
And make sure you stick around and browse a bit at all the other
talented ladies that are guest posting as well!

She even has some fun giveaways!


Personalized Picture Frame

For my Mom's Birthday, I made her this personalized picture frame.
My little guy was her first grandbaby and I thought it would be fun for her
to have a picture of the first time she held her first grandbaby -
(side note: He was only 20 minutes old in that picture! Now he is 7 months?
Where does the time go?)
I simply bought a frame from Hobby Lobby, added cardboard letters from the scrapbooking section, added charms with a bow and tied a ribbon around it.

I chose purple to match her shirt in the picture of the two of them -
and because it is her frame and as we add more babies to our family,
she can update the picture!


Picture Memory Blanket

When I graduated from a Junior College in 2003

(yes I know, 7 years ago - but this is too fun not to share!)

I made a picture memory quilt for my parents to say thank-you
for everything they had done for me.
I cut out all the pieces and stitched them all together.
And in the white squares, I used iron-on transfer paper,
made copies of some meaningful pictures
and transferred them on.
I used pictures of some wonderful memories for my parents...
.... their wedding.
... my baptism.
... my graduation.
And I used a bunch of my favorite pictures of when I was little.
And a recent picture taken of me.
In the very middle square, I typed up a little somethin' somethin'
telling my parents how much I love them and how grateful I am for them.
I backed the whole thing in white.
I love this quilt and have so much fun looking at it.
Last night when I pulled it out my husband saw it for the first time.
I called him in to prove that our little boy,
does in fact look like me when I was a baby - a.lot!
He loved looking at all the pictures and seeing how much
my parents and I have changed over the years -
and I realized all the history that little blankets holds
just in the pictures alone.

As you can see in a couple pictures, the pictures fade a little and look a
little worn over time so I when I make my next one -which will hopefully be soon
I will use more vintage looking fabric instead of the bright colors.
Linked to:


I am only 1 woman blog swap

Hey everyone! Today I am swappin' blogs with Bobbie from
I Am Only 1 Woman!
I love her blog name because sometimes I have to remind myself the same thing.
Give her a big welcome and come check me out!!

Hey all you Every Crafty Endeavor Fans!
It is my pleasure to be blog swapping with you today!

I am Bobbie over at I Am Only 1 Woman.
I love to keep myself busy with all kinds of thing.
I sew, cut, and glue my way through life, one craft at a time.
Come along as I create anything and everything that comes to mind.

Here are a couple of things that I have made over at my blog:

A simple formula Can makeover

This really fun Beaded flower tutorial

Tutorial for a Stroller Caddy (this also works great for those Umbrella Strollers or shopping carts. You can even use it for an apron)

Wired Ribbon Flower Tutorial

I also make clothing for my 2 girlies a lot.
See how I did the Faux Buttons here

I also sew a ton of blankets (isn't my girl just adorable :)
Most of them you can find in my etsy shop

Thanks a bunch for swapping blogs and I hope to see you all over at my place sometime soon!

ps. Yes, Bobbie! Your daughter is adorable!!



I have been buried under yards and yards of ribbon these past few days!
But all these flower ribbon clips are turning out so darling!

I am almost done with them all and am headed to the post office soon!

I even made a couple extra -
Which I may or may not be planning on giving away to a random follower...

but probably so!


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