How to make Glazed Wall Art

Lately I have been working on decorating my family bathroom.

I needed something so fun for the walls and I wanted a lot of color
to make the room pop a little.

First: Gather your supplies!
You will need:

  • 12x12 scrapbook Paper
  • 12x12 Plywood
  • "Pour-On" Glaze
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Glue Gun
  • Ribbon
  • Plastic Cups

Second: Spray the back of your paper with the adhesive
and glue them to the plywood.

(hint:) I had my hubby cut up a sheet of plywood in advance.
We found it in the lumber section at Home Depot and
one small sheet made 8 12x12 pieces.

I am making some without the glaze for my spare bedroom.

Third: Cover your table and set the wood up on plastic cups.
Make sure your cups are all they way underneath the wood,
so if you do happen to drip a little, it doesn't stick to the cups.

Fourth: Mix and Mix and Mix your Pour-On.
This is the same stuff you use for the Glazed Washer Necklaces.

Fifth: Pour it onto your paper and spread it evenly around.
I used the back of a plastic spoon, but you can use a Popsicle stick too.

(Hint:) The glaze will turn your paper a little bit see-through -
it's not big deal unless the back has really funky designs on it.
Most scrapbook paper has a plain color or white back which work better
than those with dots or other things.
Three of my papers had little designs on the back - Two looked really awesome!
One - went in the garbage.

Sixth: Let them dry for a day or two.

Seventh: Flip your art work over and measure 6 inches to find the middle.

Eighth: Hot glue your ribbon on the back.

Ninth: Hang them up and enjoy!!


Summer Rae said...

Love it! Great splash of color.

Hepworths said...

Those are really cute!

Allison @ http://www.houseofhepworths.com/

Kelly @ Make It Sparkly Mama said...

Awesome! Where do you find the glaze?

Timmy's Girl @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

Amanda, what a crafty girl you are!!! So talented. I am gonna have to try this for the girls room.


courtney said...

those are super cool! i will have to do this for my little girl's room.

Maghann said...

I've seen these somewhere before, but I can't remember where - yours turned out super cute!!

流浪汉 瑜伽 Yoga Tramp said...

nice blog n thk for sharing, nice to meet u, wish al the best to u

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

I love those they could be used in any room. Unlimited possibilities.
Thanks for sharing.

BreeAnn said...

That is a dang cute idea!

Amanda K said...

Kelly - I found the glazing stuff at Roberts Arts and Crafts.

Kaysi said...

Those are super cute! I was actually just thinking about using glaze on wall art, just haven't gotten to it. This makes me want to do it even more!!

Cassidy said...

Oh that is so adorable!!! What a cute idea and so affordable. love it

cassidy @ paisleyandthyme.blogspot.com

Jessica said...

I L.O.V.E. these! What a great idea, and you get to choose your own paper!!! They are adorable. Good job!

Kelly said...

This gives me a great idea for my daughter's bedroom!!!! Thanks!!!! Love the bathroom upgrade!

neli said...

Beautifull i am going to try!!!!!!

Tonya said...

Holy cow this is a great craft! I sooo have to make it! And I love your instructions, thanks for super simple.

The Southern Door said...

Thanks for sharing!

Becolorful said...

First of all I came over to thank you for linking up to my first ever linky party at Becolorful.
Then I cruised around here for a bit and found this post. Love it. I am a fan of quotes and I think this would be fun to do with quotes I have printed off the computer. Crazy how one idea can spur another.
Thanks for the submission and now the inspiration. :)

lilly70 said...

awsome! cute

Jamie B said...

What did you do to the edges of your project?

Sierra said...

Can you write on the glaze with dry erase marker?

Rusty Mcdonald said...

Where did you find those really cute hangers? They add so much to an already darling project.

Rusty Mcdonald said...

Where did you find such cute hangers? They add a lot to an already darling project.


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