I am only 1 woman blog swap

Hey everyone! Today I am swappin' blogs with Bobbie from
I Am Only 1 Woman!
I love her blog name because sometimes I have to remind myself the same thing.
Give her a big welcome and come check me out!!

Hey all you Every Crafty Endeavor Fans!
It is my pleasure to be blog swapping with you today!

I am Bobbie over at I Am Only 1 Woman.
I love to keep myself busy with all kinds of thing.
I sew, cut, and glue my way through life, one craft at a time.
Come along as I create anything and everything that comes to mind.

Here are a couple of things that I have made over at my blog:

A simple formula Can makeover

This really fun Beaded flower tutorial

Tutorial for a Stroller Caddy (this also works great for those Umbrella Strollers or shopping carts. You can even use it for an apron)

Wired Ribbon Flower Tutorial

I also make clothing for my 2 girlies a lot.
See how I did the Faux Buttons here

I also sew a ton of blankets (isn't my girl just adorable :)
Most of them you can find in my etsy shop

Thanks a bunch for swapping blogs and I hope to see you all over at my place sometime soon!

ps. Yes, Bobbie! Your daughter is adorable!!


avisiontoremember said...

Thanks for Swapping blogs with me! It was great fun :)
Hope you have a great day

BreeAnn said...

VERY cute stuff! I love the blanket! Adorable!


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