Calling All Crafty Bloggers...

I am currently working on filling up my blog swap calendar for May and the summertime - If you want to swap with me, and have a fun creative blog leave me a little email and let's do it!!

A Baby Shower Invite

Hey ladies!! All my stitcheries are in the final - get them in the mail stage and I am finally breathing a little bit easy!
I am moving on to my next big project -

A baby shower!!

My sister is having a baby girl this summer and we are throwing her a shower!

I have been searching the Internet and all your fabulous blogs for fun ideas and I think we just about have it put together.

Now, I just need to get these babies that I made in the mail!


Blog Swap: Along for the Ride!

Today I am blog swappin' with Laura from Along for the Ride!
She has such a cute blog so go visit her and show her some love!

Hi Every Crafty Endeavor readers! I'm so glad to be joining you today. I'm Laura from along for the ride.

When I'm not spending time with my husband Kyle, playing with my sweet kitty Jupiter, or hanging out with my students, I love, love, love crafting!

My favorite is making jewelry, but I like to try new things all the time. Here are some of my favorite projects...

Recently, I thought I'd give burlap a try and make some new summer wall art to spruce up my living room. Other bloggers make it look so easy...oh my it was a mess for me!

My hubby brought me home a few burlap sacks from work. I thought I would combine them with a few [random] items i found at the dollar store.

2 strange parrot pictures

2 onesies

I covered each picture with two layers of canvas to fully cover the parrots. It was a pretty painful process. I didn't think about how the hot glue would seep through the holes in the burlap, but boy it did.

[my poor hands!]

I made a few easy flowers and rosettes from the onesies (using the seams for the rosettes) and hot glued them to the burlap. I used the snaps for the center of the large flowers.

A little messy, but totally worth it!!

I host a party every Saturday called "Saturday is Crafty Day." I'd love it if you linked up!

I hope you'll stop by my blog and say hi! It would make my day!


Winner! Winner!

Alright girls let's pick a winner of the "Amanda is a Lame Blogger Giveaway!"

#48 is Michelle who said:
"I'm rockin' your button."

Thanks Michelle and everyone else who entered!
I love my readers and am thankful for all your support!


Craft Night: How to Make the Perfect Whole Wheat Bread

This month for Craft Night, My good friend Lauri showed us how to make
Perfect Whole Wheat Bread!

It turns out so yummy and so soft - and well - just perfect!!

You will need:
  • 1 TBS Sugar
  • 2 TBS Yeast
  • 1/2 C. Warm Water
  • 3 C. Hot Water
  • 2 TBS Dough Enhancer
  • 1 TBS Salt
  • 1/2 C. Oil
  • 3/4 C. Brown Sugar
  • 8-10 C. Whole Wheat Flour

Combine sugar, yeast and 1/2 c. warm water - the yeast will grow a little bit

In a separate bowl add everything but the flour and mix.
Keep mixing and add your yeast mixture.
Add your wheat flour a few cups at a time.
You will want the dough to pull away from
the side of your bowl but still be a bit sticky.

Knead for 10 minutes.
(*hint: Use oil instead of flour to knead.)

Cover the bowl with a damp towel and let rise for 1 hour.
Punch it down and divide into three loaves.

Place each loaf in a greased pan, place in oven and
let rise until it is double in size (about an hour).
Don't take the bread out of the oven - just start preheating.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees -
when it gets to 280 degrees start the timer for 26 minutes.

After 26 minutes make sure your bread is done.
It will have a nice golden crust and will sound hollow when you tap on it.
If bread is done, shut off your oven and let it cook for 4 more minutes.

Let bread cool in pans on a cooling rack for 5 minutes.
Remove from pan - brush tops with melted butter - and


We all agreed that it is best warm with butter and honey! YUM!


Blog Swap: Making the World Cuter

Yay! I am so happy to be here at Every Crafty Endeavor!
Amanda is just fantastic and is talented at like EVERYTHING!
Let me introduce myself...my name is Tiffany, you can call me Tiff...
That's me and my three little darlings, I'm the one behind the chain. :)

My husband is gorgeous, supportive and a very hard worker. They don't come any better, and we are expecting our 4th child this fall.
I blog over here at Making the World Cuter. I hope you come over and say hi!

I love creating things. This mirror was a joint effort between me and my before mentioned super supportive husband.

I like to do furniture makeovers, this glider is my favorite-it was so hideous before!

I generally do easy and cheap projects (and no I am not either of those things-just ask my hubby), like this burlap wreath with fabric scraps and salt dough buttons.

One of my favorite things to make are napkin rings, here are a couple I have made that I really like, and they were practically free!

I love meeting new blog friends, and really hope you come by for a visit.
I have a party every Monday where you show off how you made the world cuter, it's super fun, and I would love to have you!

I'm also having a giveaway right now from Canvas Press, for a 16x20 canvas of your favorite photo-be sure to stop by and enter that!
Thanks again Amanda, it was fun!


Personalized Onesie

My mom works with a lady who has a 4 month old grandson.
Her grandson has had a really hard start to his life and was born with
his insides - on his outside.

He has endured surgery after surgery and they were finally able to get everything in its proper place - and then he got an infection.
Poor little Guy!

Since he is hooked up to a bunch of tubes and they do a lot with his tummy -
he can only wear onesies that unbutton in the front and at the bottom -
this way they can just slip his arms in and don't have to go over his tiny head.

My mom found this sweet little white onesie for him -
but wanted something a little more on it -
so she asked me to put a "K" on it - since his name starts with a K!

A simple project - but a sweet one!

I think it turned out cute!
I used steps from this tutorial I did to make the K -
but you can find onesie applique tutorials all over the place!


A Lame Blogger Giveaway!

Sorry guys... I have been such a lame blogger recently.

I have some pretty good excuses - but really who wants to hear that -
we just want to see fun ideas, right!!

I actually have been crafting up a storm - a storm of family stitcheries that I am trying to get out the door and on their way for Mother's Day! I have a few finished and they have turned out so cute - but since I am stitching, stitching, stitching my little heart out
- I haven't had too much time for other crafts.

Sad. I know!

But soon I will be back with a bunch of things I will be making for my house - including all that cute fabric wall art we are seeing all over - I have wanted to do it for a couple years and I finally have the perfect spot!

I also have a Memorial Day/4th of July Wreath in the making - so cute!!

But in the meantime - I think it is time for a giveaway -

I get the most comments on my glazed art washer necklaces

So I am putting together a fun little package
with most of the things you will need to make both!

You will have to supply your own scrapbook paper and ribbon -
only because you know what looks best on and in your house!

To Enter...

1. Leave me comment!
2. Leave a comment telling me you are a follower of my blog -
(you must be a follower to enter!)
3. Add my button to your blog and tell me you did so!

The giveaway will end on Monday, April 26th at Midnight (MST)!

Good Luck!


Joining the Party

Amanda over at Serenity Now is having a fun new
blog party called "Dishing It!" and I am joining in the fun!

It is a fun new way to get to know other fun bloggers -
and who doesn't want to make new friends!
Let's get started shall we?

My name is Amanda (good name eh?) and I am the crafty mind behind Every Crafty Endeavor! I have been a "mommy blogger" for about 3 years and started this blog in November 2009 to showcase projects that I have done - I thought of the name "Every Crafty Endeavor" because I wanted to be able to put whatever I wanted on here that I felt was crafty - I feel that being crafty covers more than just the "normal" everyday crafts -home decor, great recipes, sewing items, baby stuff - anything that we endeavored to make or decorate can be crafty!
I love blogging because it is a great way to meet new friends, share ideas and learn from one another - sometimes I feel like it is one big girls night out and what girl doesn't love that! I love the support and comments that friends leave to encourage you to do more and be better and craft up a storm!
Now hurry and link up to Serenity Now's fun party and tell us all about your awesome blog and why you like to blog as well!
I would love to stay and gloat about my blog some more but I am off to explore other blogs and meet new friends! I really hope you will join us!

Blog Swap: Make it Sparkly Mama!

Today I am blog swapping with a fairly new blogger - Kelly at Make it Sparkly Mama has only been blogging for a little while but has come up with some really cute things! Go and visit her, please!!

Wow! I am so excited to be posting on Amanda's blog Every Crafty Endeavor!

My name is Kelly, and I document my creative endeavors over at my Make It Sparkly Mama. I am married to a complete sweetheart who is my best friend. And we have three crazy boys, ages 17, 8 and 18 months. I love them to pieces!

I started blogging about my projects at the end of January, however I have been crafting since the age of 12 or 13 when I secretly made my Mom a Santa for Christmas up in my bedroom. I got my first glue gun burn at that time too. I haven’t looked back and I am still getting glue gun burns.

One of my favorite projects that I have blogged about is my kid-friendly to-do cans!

Sometimes I just whip up something fast and easy, like this chalkboard soap dispenser. So easy and fun!

Every season brings something new to craft to decorate my home with! Right now I am still loving my little bunny wall hanging!

And finally one of my first projects for blogland that was inspired by blogland, my cordless heating pad.

Thank you so much Amanda for having me over here today, I love all your craftiness.
You inspire me!


How to Make Decorative Wooden Letter Blocks

I have received a few emails asking about how I made my
Love blocks and my Lucky Blocks -
so I promised those cute girls a tutorial and here it is!
First: Gather your Supplies!

  • 2x6 piece of wood
  • sandpaper
  • Paint
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Paper Glue
  • Ribbon
Second: Cut your 2x6 into 6" blocks.
Sand and paint them your desired color.

Usually, I use a paint brush but this time I had white spray paint
on hand so I just took em' outside and sprayed em' down!

Third: Cut your scrapbook paper into 6" by 5.75" pieces.
Fourth: Spray adhesive your paper onto your blocks.

I just went to home depot and picked up some corner bead adhesive -
But you can use any adhesive you have.
It is pink so I can see where I have sprayed and where I need too.
I know it is pink but I have never had a problem with the pink showing.

Hint: Do this outside!!
Hint: Spray on a lot!!

Fifth: Using your craft paper glue, glue your letters onto your blocks.
I use Elmer's Craft Bond and it works like a charm!
Yes, yes, I cheat and use a cricket to cut out the letters -
but I have free handed it before and it looks just as good.
You can even order Vinyl if you would like and stick that on instead -
Oh the possibilities!

Sixth: Add your ribbon.

I always do two ribbons - because I think it is cute!

And your done!

I love this because it is so easy and you don't have to mess with Modge Podge _
(side note: I do love Modge Podge!)
These are quick and easy to make and look so cute!


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