Personalized Onesie

My mom works with a lady who has a 4 month old grandson.
Her grandson has had a really hard start to his life and was born with
his insides - on his outside.

He has endured surgery after surgery and they were finally able to get everything in its proper place - and then he got an infection.
Poor little Guy!

Since he is hooked up to a bunch of tubes and they do a lot with his tummy -
he can only wear onesies that unbutton in the front and at the bottom -
this way they can just slip his arms in and don't have to go over his tiny head.

My mom found this sweet little white onesie for him -
but wanted something a little more on it -
so she asked me to put a "K" on it - since his name starts with a K!

A simple project - but a sweet one!

I think it turned out cute!
I used steps from this tutorial I did to make the K -
but you can find onesie applique tutorials all over the place!


beckaboots said...

This is great! I love personalizing onesies- I recently added and bunch of ruffles and flowers to some plain ones for my new nieces. This is a great idea for the boys! love it :)

Sunshine of Seven said...

How Sweet of you!!
And Cute Onsie!

Monica said...

Hello - You posted this at the best time possible, I have several friends expecting little ones over the next couple of months, one of which is having twins, this would be a great gift for them! Thank you so much for sharing!

Unknown said...

I love the onesie. It looks fantastic. One day I might do something like that on a T-shirt for my little man. Just found your blog from Making the World Cuter. Some great projects for inspiration here.

Unknown said...

That story breaks my heart! The onesie is adorable!


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