Baby Shower Ideas

As mentioned before, My sisters and I threw a baby shower for my sister, Ashley, on Saturday. We always go Open House Style because we would much rather just eat and visit and visit and eat then play games. We have done three showers in the past year for our family - and we try hard to think of fun and unique ideas for the showers - and when I say that - I am talking about food!

For my shower last June, My sisters made yummy fruit crepes for everyone -
and they were a huge hit!

For my sister, Kait's Baby Shower last November, Ashley and I made four different kinds of soups and served them in tiny bowls so everyone could have a taste of all the different kinds. It worked out perfect because there was a huge snowstorm that day and all the ladies loved coming into a nice warm house, with a a crackling fire and warming up with soups.

I knew it would be a little bit warmer for Ashley's shower and I thought and thought about what we could do - then finally it hit me!

Let's Have Bread!

But not just white bread - but Whole Wheat Honey Bread, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread, Cinnaburst Bread, Raspberry Blueberry Bread and Cinnamon Raisin Bread!

All different kinds with all different butters and jams and honey!

And since it is the Springtime - Let's do salads too!

A Greek Salad!

A Garden Salad!

and a Fruit Spinach Salad!

Everything turned out awesome and we got so many compliments on all the yummy bread and different salads - the food was a huge hit!

And of course - we ended with Cherry Tarts/Cheesecake!

Much better than the usual carrots and celery with chicken salad sandwiches -
Not that I don't like veggies and chicken - but unique creative ideas -
always turn out so much better!


Andrea said...

I love the idea of an open house for a shower! I agree, it's so fun to eat and visit! The salads and breads look wonderful, tarts too!

myriannie said...

Oh, those look so good! :D


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