Chic Click Carnival

My name is Amanda and I am the crafty mind behind "Every Crafty Endeavor."
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog during this crazy carnival!!

I am married to a dashingly handsome, hard-working man named Spencer and we have a little boy named Quinn and a little girl on the way in November! I love anything that has to do with crafts; including cooking and baking. I am constantly thinking about new ways to decorate my house or new crafts I can make for the different holidays and seasons.

I have four dogs that are spoiled rotten.

I love popcorn, potatoes, popsicles, ice cream, chocolate and Coke!

I think "The Biggest Loser" is the best show ever!

I am a boy scout (yes, you read that correctly!) and have eaten roadkill -
it wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds.
I hope you will stay a little while and look over what I have been up too!
A couple of my favorite projects include:

This week I found a fun new fun peep of the week!

She has so many cute block ideas and wall vinyl ideas - I totally fell in love!

Hurry and find your new favorite peep of the week and link up here!


Homemaker Honey said...

Your side table redo is beautiful! Love the blue.

Poppin' in from Chic Click Carnival!

~Issy said...

Wow...i don't know what i like most: your table or those brownies. :)

I'll have to be sure to come back to visit!


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