Need a good laugh

I have had a crazy week this week -
and today has been the worst!

I almost feel like this week swallowed me up whole -
but I was sent this in an email and although it has absolutely NOTHING to do with crafts - It totally cracked me up and made today a little better.

I think it will do the same for you!!

Let me know your favorite part - I love the gas station sunglasses and
how he works magic with his checkbook - too funny!!

ps. I will be picking a winner of the Charm Necklace Giveaway tomorrow...
... hopefully.


~Shelley~ said...

hahaha....I like the part where it talks about popping the popcorn for the Disney movie! SO TRUE when you have kids...isn't it!?!? :)
(Can't wait to find out who the winner is!!!)

Melanie said...

that first guy was my dad to a T, minus the goatee! Hilarious. Gotta love that splishy splashy!

Rachael said...

That was funny! I like the mini van... splishy splashy... too cute!


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