What's In Your Toolbox

My husband has every single tool known to man - or at least it feels like it.
He would probably argue the point and tell me he doesn't have this or that -
and I am guessing a lot of your husbands are the same.

It is nice having a hubby with all the right tools -
except mine - always takes his with him for his job.
When I am in the middle of a project and need a hammer -
that isn't so nice.

So last week when I was working on my flag and needed a hammer -
after scouring the house, garage, basement and second garage, calling the hubs numerous times with no answer - I loaded the babes into the car and we made a quick trip to Home Depot for mamma's tools!

I bought a toolbox and all the practical things I thought I would need -
you know - the things you are always digging in your hubby's toolbox for.

I bought some markers, a measuring tape...

... a razor blade, a level, a package of all kinds of pliers...

...a hammer, gloves, and a package of all different sizes of flat head and phillips screwdrivers.
(I got a small tape measure for free with the screwdrivers!)

Now I have everything I need for a project and I don't have to bug the hubby anymore for "wire cutters."

I am not sure why it took me this long to finally by my own stuff, but I am so glad I did. I love my little toolbox!

So friends! What am I missing?
What do you have in your toolbox that you cannot live without?
and if you don't have a toolbox - go out and buy one!!
I promise you will love it.

on a side note: When the hubby walked in, he just shook his head at me when I excitedly showed him my new stuff - but that toolbox has been used a couple of extra times and it wasn't by me!


berg4 said...

I too got my own toolbox, which my husband often raids. So I also hid a spare hammer and screwdriver in the house (and only I know where)

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

I cannot live without a drill/screw gun. And I like one with less wattage (or whatever it's called) than my husband's because those 18V batteries are HEAVY when you're working on something up above shoulder level.

Rhiannon said...

what a great idea! my grandma always had her own tool box. my hubs is a mechanic so he has tons of tools, but usually not the kind that I need.

Amanda K @ Every Crafty Endeavor said...

Oh Char! Good Point! I actually do have a little drill that I use - all the time. It is the perfect size for me - it is tiny and does the job just right. I should post about it.

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

my hubby has a HUGE took box that I don't like to use because it's sooooo dirty and unorganized. Just like you, one day I had enough and went and bought one for me. I keep it very clean and organized and I'm a very happy girl. You might want to get those clamps thing-a-ma-gigies to hold your work, they're like three dollars each and very useful.

Pam said...

Instead of having a bunch of screwdrivers, I have two short stubby ones - a phillips head and a flat head AND a ratchet screwdriver. Also, I'd add a pair of vise grips (these are excellent for helping to remove stripped screws or hardware) and an awl. Eventually you should get a portable DeWalt power drill of your own WITH a sleeve that goes over the bits to assist you. (I NEVER use my drill without the sleeve.) Good for you for getting your own stuff. :) Pam @ Sallygoodin

gail@myrepurposedlife.net said...

I have tons of tools in my toolbox.
I suggest a good pair of work gloves and a small pry bar! I use my pry bar (cat's claw?) for everything!
I'm happy you started your own stash! yay!

My Magic Mom said...

I say throw in a pair of safety glasses. I was putting up new curtain rods today and I busted the molly as I hammered it in...oops, didn't realize there was a stud there...anyway, a broken piece of plastic flew off and hit me in the eye. Quick thinking, or at least a nicely timed blink, saved me from having to scream about something in my eye. So my rambling point is that I recommend safety glasses, even if I don't wear them.

jrhod711 said...

My mom got pink tools so the guys in the house wouldn't walk away with them. You might do something to your tools, to make them different from anyone else's, like a pink stripe, so the don't "walk away." LOL

La Familia Garcia said...

That is halarious!! I love that you have your own tool box! I am so going to do this when my hubby gets his tools into his new toolchest! I don't wanna go digging through that thing!


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