Just Keepin' it Real Folks

Crafting came to a halt at my house for a little while.

My husbands business exploded and I offered to help so I have been busy working 20+ hours a week helping him stay up to date with his stuff, in addition to my normal 25-30 hour weeks at my part-time job.
I work between 5-6 hours in the morning and then between 4-5 hours in the evening after 9 when my little guy goes down for bed. Normally those hours were for crafting - sad.

Then my husband, baby and I all got colds - not sure how we managed that in this 90-100 degree weather but it was yucky.

And my baby has THREE teeth popping through - along with his fever from his shots and some other yucky effects from a (not so pleasant for him) doctor visit.

And I fell in a hole. It sounds funny right?
I thought it was too but my foot and pregnant body? Not so much.

But such is life right?

oh... and to top it all off -

our miter saw box is dead. dead. dead.

Which is really bad because I have about 5 projects that I need it for -
not to mention 3 stitcheries that I need to whip up some frames for ASAP.

Hopefully things will return to normal next week and I can get some crafting in.

In the meantime - I am heading to my dad's house (Hi mom!) to "borrow" his miter box (aren't parents great!) so I can make a trip to the post office this coming week - I know there are a few ladies out there anxiously awaiting their fun little packages in the mail!

Cheers to a good weekend!!!

Friday Favorites!

I haven't done this in a few months - but it is time to bring it back!
My Friday Favorites!

This darling baby quilt from Lemonade Gal -
I love everything about it, the colors, the name, the owl
I want one two - really badly!!
Guess I need to get out my sewing machine -
One more thing to add to my "to do" list!

Look how cute these little rain boots are from Life on Old Savannah!
She just found a plain pair at her local Walmart and added the cute lettering -
So easy - yet so cute!

We all know I love a good paint transformation and this one is totally cute!
Check this adorable table makeover out at Blessing and Bling!
You won't believe what it started out as - or how much she saved on paint!

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Nursery Bedding

I broke down and bought the bedding for my little girls room -

Bought it people -

Is that like the Ultimate Crafty Blogger Sin or What?

I guess I will repent when it isn't a MILLION degrees outside and I am not 30 weeks pregnant -

But I saw this, while I was browsing around Babies R Us, with the polka dots and fell in love with it - and since I am being completely indecisive with what I want to do for her room - I just bought it.

Picture from the Nursery Depot

I like the pink and blues and greens and browns - it even has a little bit of yellow.

And standing there at the store, looking at the picture - her room just sort of came together in my head and I decided I was ready to get it done.

Now I need to get crafting on all the things to go with the bedding for her room - I have lots of fun ideas!

This weekend - paint!

On a side note - Look at what I found while I was out thrifting!!

The cushions are in perfect condition and will accent the green in her bedding so well! It came with an ottoman as well - all for $25!! Twenty Five Dollars! SCORE!

So, the cushions have been stripped off and are currently at the dry cleaners (even in perfect condition you can never be to careful!) and the chair and ottoman are sitting on the back porch awaiting their last coat of paint!

It is going to look so great when it is finished -

Finally - I am getting into this nursery thing -

Which is a good thing because 10 weeks will be over and done with before I know it.

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"It's A Splash" Party

This past week, this little man of mine celebrated his

1st Birthday!

I can't even believe how fast time goes by!

(And to think in 10 weeks my next little one is going to be here -
can you say crazy busy mommy!)

Since his birthday is during the warm days of summer I thought it would be fun to have a "Splash" party to celebrate - not to mention, he La La Loves water!!

I didn't want to spend too much money but I wanted it to be awesome!

So I busted out the Cricut (thanks mom for letting me borrow yours!) and used the
George and Basic Shapes Cartridge for everything I made.

First up - Invites!

All I did was print out the invite on plain white paper using a font from Kevin and Amanda, -and now I can't remember what font I used, dang it. -
placed it in the Cricut, lined it up and cut it out.

I love the shape of it!

I think it gives it so much personality!

Then I back dropped it in blue, added a fun little sun and called it good!

Next Up - His Happy Birthday Banner!

Again, I just used stuff I had laying around the house.
I used the Cricut and cut out all the shapes and letters -
used sticky tabs to "glue" everything together -
hole punched some holes and tied all the letters together using coordinating ribbon.

Next Up: Cupcake Toppers.

Again, I used the Cricut and cut out everything.
Then I used pop dots to make the suns and balloons stand out a bit -
Glued them back to back to a toothpick and added them to my cupcakes.

I had this big fancy dream of piping the frosting on and making them
look all *spectacular* - but sometimes things just don't pan out.
oh -well, the kids loved them anyway!

Last Up - Goodie Bags!

Since it was a "splash" party and all outdoors -
I wrapped up sidewalk chalk and bubbles in cellophane
added a tag and called it good.

And once again - I used the cricut to cut out the tags and the suns.
I printed up the wording on my computer and cut those out with my cutter -
which is why the edges are a bit more rugged.

I could kick myself for not taking pictures of the rest of the decorations -
But I simply set up a table, with a yellow table cloth and used I used streamers and balloons
My favorite part was all the different frames I displayed with about 6 of his 1 year old pictures.

My next favorite part was - No Games!!
I set up a swimming pool, a slip n slide, water balloons and bubbles and let the kids go to town doing whatever they wished.  I wanted to be able to enjoy his party and not have to worry about trying to get 10 kids to play a game. It worked out perfectly and I am pretty sure the kids (and parents) had a blast playing in the water. I know my little guy did!

Then we had a BBQ dutch oven dinner with Fruit and Salad.
That was also a big hit - and so nice for me because I prepped everything beforehand and it cooked while I played and when it was done we served it up. Nice!!

Then of course - Cake Time!

The kids had cupcakes and the adults had a cake from Schmidts Pasty Cottage - YUM!

His little cake was nothing fancy because I knew it would end up like this...

Then we opened gifts and played the rest the night.

I would say the "splash" party was a total success!!

Neither Cricut or Schmidts paid me anything to mention them -
I just did it because I love it!


Monogram Taggie

I love this idea from Twelve Crafts Till Christmas!

I saw it on Blue Cricket Design and totally fell in love!

I think it is so darling!


White Dresser Redo

Remember a few weeks back when I was working on this nightstand?

I also have a dresser that goes with the set.
Sadly - these are the only before pictures I have of it.

But this past weekend I got it all finished up and set up in my bedroom!

I painted it Rustoleum White and used the Rustoleum Gloss Finish
- spray paint.

I also added new brass nickle knobs and pulls.

I am loving the little knobby sides.

My bedroom is coming together - one day when I get over my "before embarrassment" I just might show you the whole thing - but for now I have a couple more things I need to add!

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Crap I've Made

Have you guys been over to Crap I've Made Recently?

Char Reached 1 MILLION views and is Celebrating!!!
She is having a ton of giveaways and if you look closely today -
you just might see one of these up for grabs!


Microfiber Help!

Does anyone know of a place to buy microfiber in the Greater Salt Lake area?

I need some for a project I am working on, but have no idea where to get it.


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