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Crafting came to a halt at my house for a little while.

My husbands business exploded and I offered to help so I have been busy working 20+ hours a week helping him stay up to date with his stuff, in addition to my normal 25-30 hour weeks at my part-time job.
I work between 5-6 hours in the morning and then between 4-5 hours in the evening after 9 when my little guy goes down for bed. Normally those hours were for crafting - sad.

Then my husband, baby and I all got colds - not sure how we managed that in this 90-100 degree weather but it was yucky.

And my baby has THREE teeth popping through - along with his fever from his shots and some other yucky effects from a (not so pleasant for him) doctor visit.

And I fell in a hole. It sounds funny right?
I thought it was too but my foot and pregnant body? Not so much.

But such is life right?

oh... and to top it all off -

our miter saw box is dead. dead. dead.

Which is really bad because I have about 5 projects that I need it for -
not to mention 3 stitcheries that I need to whip up some frames for ASAP.

Hopefully things will return to normal next week and I can get some crafting in.

In the meantime - I am heading to my dad's house (Hi mom!) to "borrow" his miter box (aren't parents great!) so I can make a trip to the post office this coming week - I know there are a few ladies out there anxiously awaiting their fun little packages in the mail!

Cheers to a good weekend!!!

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Rhonda @ home.made. said...

Hope you're all better soon and life is back to normal... the crafting will wait for you!


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