Car Seat Cover

 I have been busy working on baby projects here and there and here is one more that I just finished. I have a couple more things that I want to make before she gets here - burp cloths and baby legs so be looking for those coming up! I am feeling a little bit tired so I am glad I can cross this off the list.

A Car Seat Cover

I la la la love the fabric!
It is one of the fabric choices I was debating for her room until I gave in and just bought it. It is from the Heather Mulder Peterson Collection from Henry Glass.

I made it with the fun ties that I can tie into bows instead of the Velcro.
I think they look dainty and girly and I love it!

I also folded the back fabric over the top fabric and sewed it together that way. I think it adds a little bit of weight to the cover sides and helps it lay down better. Plus it gives the top a little bit of pop!

It is crazy to think that I only a few more weeks and an adorable baby girl will be hidden underneath here!

Do you think my husband will feel manly carrying this around? hee. hee.

I didn't follow a tutorial - I just sort of made it up as I went since it is a fairly easy project if you know how to sew but I am sure you can google car seat cover tutorials and bunch will pop up for you!

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How to Make Thistle Spiders

Wanna know how I made these cute little guys??

I made them with Thistles!

A weed that looks like this when you are driving down the road...

My mom and I picked a million in June when we were on a camping trip and I have been saving them ever since to turn them into cute little spiders!

The secret to fun spiders is to make sure they have long whiskers...
First - you need to cut them off at the base.

Then spray paint them black.
They are spiky so you have to change the direction and flip them over -
I leave them them a little bit brown because I think they look more spooky that way.

Then using black pipe cleaners...

And cut them into thirds for the smaller ones and in half for the bigger ones.

Next, using your hot glue gun add four little dots down one side...

... and push 4 of your cut pipe cleaners into the thistle.

Repeat on both sides.

Then bend down the side at whatever length you would like -
and you have your 8 legs!

Next pull your googly-eyes out of storage...

Glue on 2... and your done!

Use them to decorate all over your house -
I will have more ideas for them coming up in the next week or so! 

CSN Store $60 Giveaway Winner!!

Oops... I forgot to announce this yesterday but the winner is...


Who said "I am a follower of your blog. I don't know how I missed a great giveaway like this! "

So Wendy - shoot me over an email telling me you are my winner and I'll get you your $60!!



Scary Spiders!

My house is being overrun by Spiders!

And even worse... they are bringing their babies with them!

They are sneaking in through the windows...

And I am finding them everywhere... on my sewing machine...

... on my end tables ...

... near the computer ...

... in my craft stuff ... 

... on my furniture ...

.... and I even found one in the bathroom!

I hate spiders!!
But these ones are too cute to smash with a flip flop or vacuum up.

I just might let them stay until Halloween!

Tutorial to come... stay tuned!

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Fall Favorite Gift Exchangers!!

This is just a fun little reminder to get your gifts sent out this weekend!!

I can't wait to see all the fun things you ladies get!


New to the Shop: Rosette Clips

I have been busy making things for my ETSY shop and the next items in are

Rosette Flower Clips!

I love these because you can wear them or put them on your kiddos!
You can wear them on a headband or just clip them right into your hair!
You can add them to a shirt to spice it up a bit or add it to a hat for a little something -

Anyway you do it - it is still super cute!

Head on over to see these and a lot of other fun ones!
And I still have lots of ideas so be sure to check back often!

Tutorial: Fabric Wall Hanging

If you didn't stop by Patchwork Chronicles on Friday -
here is the project that I posted!


I have been wanting to do a fabric wall hanging for about three years now and this weekend, I finally got it done!

I love the way it turned out and it was so simple, easy and cheap! Perfect!

The first thing I did was buy 1" x 2" pieces of wood at Home Depot.
Then using a table saw, I asked my husband to route out some grooves.

(Since I have a big ole' baby belly I asked my husband for help with the frame)

Then we trimmed down my pieces to the sizes I wanted.
I did a 30" x 48" frame.
Spencer cut them at 45 degree angles.

Then he assembled the pieces for me. He screwed one screw into each corner.

He would get the screws started...

... add wood glue...

... then finish them off.

Since we used wood glue we had to wait about 30 minutes for the glue to set.

Next, I layed out my fabric - Upside down -
and positioned the frame where I wanted it.

Then I simply pulled the fabric over the frame...

... and using my staple gun, stapled the fabric in the grooves.

I completed one side and then I moved to the opposite side. On the opposite side I pulled the fabric tight so I wouldn't have any sagging.

For the corners I folded the fabric into a triangle,
then pulled it really tight and stapled it in place.

It made for nice clean corners.
(sort of how you wrap a gift)

I repeated this on each corner then finished stapling my sides.
Pulling tight as I went.

And that was it!

For some reason in this picture it looks like there is a crease in the fabric - but I assure you  - there isn't. Strange.

I love it!

Next, I hung it up on this bare wall.
Sorry about the craptastic pictures. This room is dark with no real light from the sunshine so I had to use my flash. yuck.

 But here she is hung up! I love it - and it really does add a bunch of color with that blue to that room. I have been trying to add blue into my decorating and I think this works out really great.

I bought the fabric at Hobby Lobby.
They have a great selection of home decor fabrics that are so cute!
The Fabric cost me about $23 with tax.
The frame cost less than $2 -
So I am into it for about $25!

Not bad. Not bad at all!!


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