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For some reason I am having the hardest time deciding what to be for Halloween this year.

Every other year it has been so easy to pick -

2006: Storm and Wolverine from X-Men.

2007: Peter Pan and Tink

2008: Ketchup and Mustard

2009: An adorable little cow and farmers

2010: I've got nothin'.

Nothing. Not one idea.

You can see from the previous years that I like to be all matchy - matchy
and luckily I married a guy who just goes along with whatever
(as long as no tights are involved!)

Maybe it is because Halloween is so close to my due date -
and the only thing I can think of to be would be a pumpkin.

But what would Spencer and Quinn be?
 I have to chose wisely since I will only have a couple years before I don't get a say in it at all.

Cute? Funny? Scary?

What are you or your kids being for Halloween?


Tiffany said...

You could be a bumble bee, and the guys can be other bugs? Then your cute little belly will be your bee belly!!!

You can be a marshmallow and they can be ghostbusters :P

Or, and this is not trying to be offending, you can be a planet and they be astronauts. I think it'd be adorable.

Now I wish I were pregnant to do these costumes :S

Katie said...

One of my friends wore all black last year and put and printed out an "8" and was an "8 ball".

Another one of my friends is preg this year and is being an oven (i know it's sexy) made out of a cardboard box and her husband is going to wear an apron and chefs hat... "bun in the oven" is there theme.

You could be a nun and your husband be a fryer and carry around a little angel or devil! ;)

good luck!

Heather said...

Our oldest has decided that we're being characters from Mario Bros. this year. He's Yoshi, I'm Princess Peach, the hubs is Bowser, and the littlest guy is toad.

I actually just started cutting out his costume today!

I'm not much help, but I like your past costumes. :)

BAILEY said...

Someone I know once who was pregnant was the marshmallow man from ghost busters and her husband was a ghost buster. It was so cute! So creative. Good luck.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

My daughter (that you met last night) and her BFF want to be Slurpees. Wish me luck with that.

The Pierce's said...

My niece is going to be an elf. Her dad and mom are being Mr/Mrs Clause and the dogs are going to be reindeer! It's going to be adorable!

Sew Can Do said...

Shamelessly mentioning my own shop here, but I do Leia & Yoda hats in adult & baby sizes and have had several people buy family sets for Halloween, so they can do group theme costumes like you're wanting to do. That's also what my kids will be this year - one Han Solo, one Yoda & baby girl will be Leia.


Anonymous said...

You were thinking pumpkin, so be the Great Pumpkin and the others can be Charlie Brown and Linus.

Emily said...

I had a friend who was very pregnant at Halloween, and she made herself an oven out of a box, that went around her belly. i thought it was hilarious. You could make it so the door opens and have a picture, or the word "bun" on the inside, and your hubby could be a chef, and the other child could be another baked good... heehee

Beth said...

One of my friend was a troll doll when she was pregnant. She wore a bright wig and put a big jewel on her shirt were her belly button was. Hilarious.

Lena K. said...

I know is tacky, but good for a laugh. I knew a family who dressed as "white trash" The dad wore cutoff jeans and a sleeveless Lynyrd Skynyrs shirt with a mullet wig. The toddler was in a diaper with Kool-Aid and Cheetoh stains on his belly and face. The mom was pregnant, too and was barefoot and wearing something too short with her belly hanging out!

Jorie said...

We are trying to make up our minds too! I have already decided I am going to be a bumblebee, and I am going to make a flower headband for my daughter (she will only be 8 weeks by then), but for the Hubby and Son, we can't decide! We are thinking cowboy and indian!

Anonymous said...

Oh.... you gals are good! There are so many great ideas - now I just need to narrow it down!

For my work party - I think I am going to do the "bun in the oven" thing - do you think I'll win the grand prize?? hahaha!

Mrs. K said...

My due date is the 15th of October, so My hubby and I are going to be barney Rubble, Betty Rubble and Bam Bam since we're having a boy

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Flintstones. . . . costumes are super easy to make,even with minimal sewing skills.

Emily said...

I had a pregnant friend go as Wilma Flinstone (her dress had a very wide sweep), your husband could be Barney, your baby, one of the kids!

Tauni said...

I can't believe no one has mentioned it...

If you get to go as the "great pumpkin," it would make sense for your husband to go as Charlie Brown (easy) and your little baby as Linus (easier) or maybe Snoopy :)


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