Hair Clippies

I have been really big into finding/making really cute hair accessories for my soon-to-be-born baby girl - so this weekend I went through my ribbon and gathered up all my supplies and made some little hair clippies for her.

The Ribbon Retreat has an awesome tutorial on how to make them. They are so simple and easy and you could get caught making hundreds if you aren't careful! Since the ladies over at the Ribbon Retreat did such an awesome job with their tutorial I am going to spare you my version and send you there.

I decided that I wanted a couple of clippies that look more like little bows -
so following that tutorial I just cut out three 3 1/2" pieces, made the loops and glued the first two on in an "X" then I added the last loop wrapped it all up - and loved them!

Now I'm just hoping this little one has some hair!

1 comment:

Mom. Nonstop. said...

What kind of glue gun do you use? I made some hair clippies too, but my glue doesn't seem to hold long.


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