Boutique Style Burp Cloths

I am still here!
- waiting and waiting for this little lady to make her debut -
I realized that I only had 4 burp cloths for her (thanks to my mom or I wouldn't have any!) and whipped her up some this weekend.

I chose three completely different fabrics and I love each one of them! 

I just made them without following any tutorial and I was lazy and didn't take any photos of how to make them to create my own because I happen to know of a couple crafty ladies who have great tutorials for you to follow - you can find a tutorial for the pink and greens ones here and the brown ones here!


Michelle said...

Um, duh. Good reminder. Where in the world are my burp cloths?! I don't remember seeing a one. Better be on the lookout!

barneyn said...

they are so cute! great colors! :)

Dana said...

Now that you are prepared, you won't have a spitter =) Very cute fabric. I make bibs when I have fabric I love and nothing else to do with it. For all the time I spend looking at them, I figure I should like the fabric (plus prints hide the stains better then the solid ones they sell in the store).


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