Fotofly Boutique

I was asked to be in this awesome boutique...

and at first I was like "Yay!! Sweet!! This will be awesome!"

and then life hits -
and things don't always go as planned -
and sometimes when you are 36 weeks pregnant you feel the need to simplify -
and spend your time doing other things -
and then you feel totally unprepared.

so instead of being a vendor at this awesome event -
I am going to be a shopper!!

Which probably suits me even better!!
And if you are a great shopper too - and want to get a jump start on Christmas - you should join me and tons of other ladies for an awesome girls night out with crafts from some of my favorite bloggers! I am super excited!

1 comment:

Pedey @ Do You Smell That!!? said...

Kinda makes me wish I lived in Utah ... but only kinda! LOL Have fun!


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