Tip: Getting Wax Out of Carpet

On Friday night my husband and I were in the kitchen getting ready for dinner - I didn't make anything special - because lets face it - on Friday night's I am just too tired lately. We were just going to eat at the bar top and spare us the whole set the table/clear the table thing when I moved a mug of water, not remembering that right behind it I had a yummy candle burning - It fell off the bar top onto the counter and splashed hot wax ALL over the kitchen! Including all over my husband - sorry sweetie!

As we were cleaning up wax from everywhere - even places you would never guess that wax could get - I remembered back to when I was younger and wax was somehow spilt on the carpet, my mom was so smart and taught me how to get it cleaned up so I thought I would share it with you.

How to get wax out of your carpet

Yes -  I did spill a little bit of wax on the carpet for this post. Sacrifice Right?
I wanted to show that it really truly worked and I can't do it without a demo -
Shhhh... don't tell my husband!

Place a plain white piece of paper over the spot with wax.

Then warm up your iron on a medium setting...

... and iron over the top of the paper right where the wax is.

The wax will melt onto the paper.

I move the paper and refluff up the carpet where I ironed it down - if you don't have fluffy carpet you won't really need to do that.

Then I repeat and repeat until no more wax comes up.
be careful that you keep the iron on your paper so you don't melt the carpet -

And when you are no longer soaking up wax, take a warm damp rag and wipe the spot - and you will have no more wax!

This also works on your cloth couches as well!


Pedey @ Do You Smell That!!? said...

Great tip! Thanks!

Twins Squared said...

Thanks for sharing! Aren't moms so smart?!!

Crustacean Queen said...

Seriously though...brilliant! Thanks.

Traci said...

that is great to remember and not hard to do! thanks for sharing!

barneyn said...

wow great tip! thanks!

Michelle@Somedaycrafts said...

Great tip! If I ever get wax in my carpet, I will be doing this!

Wendy said...

I'm a flooring expert and when I saw the title of your post I had to peek in to see if you had indeed done it right! Yup! Brilliant! We always tell people to use a paper sack. It is a little more absorbant, believe it or not. Good job!!!

anne said...

Great tip Amanda! I just posted pictures of the fall gifts you sent on my blog
creativesouthernhome.blogspot.com. Check them out if you have a minute.

truckermomma said...

Wow, you just saved my very expensive couch. My son spilled an entire candle on the couch about a month ago and I was going to get rid of the couch. But now we can keep it. Thanks for the tip.

Pine River Ranch said...

I have had really good luck using Quick 'n Brite Cleaner to remove candle wax (from both Scentsy's wax as well as regular candles) I have used the iron-transfer method then followed up with Quick 'n Brite to remove the left over residue and you can't even tell where the wax was spilled. I've even gotten red wax out of my tan colored carpet which was a miracle! www.quicknbrite.com


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