She's Here!

Tenley arrived on November 3rd and we couldn't be more in love with her!

I am going to be busy being a mom and stitching in the next few weeks so my posts will probably be scarce - but I will be back!


I painted my dryer!

Two weeks ago, my husband cleaned out our garage,
put our spare dryer up for sale and sold it!
So - In True Murphy's Law Fashion -
our dryer died the next week.


We quickly jumped on KSL and bought a better dryer for not much more than what we sold our spare for - No worries!

Except for the bit of rust that was on top of the dryer -

And there were some other little marks that sort of drove me crazy -

So I rummaged through my spare paint -
found a can of Rustoleum White and sprayed the top!

And it looks so much better!!

It pretty much looks brand new - and I love it!

Do you have rust on your washer/dryer? Go ahead and try it!


Other Halloween Awesomeness!

For Halloween, My family threw a Halloween Party -
My parents decided to be mummies so Saturday my dad came over and he and I (he cut - I sewed) whipped up these bad boys:

Mummy costumes are so easy -
but very time consuming!

And I wish I could take credit for this -
but I just wanted to show you how dang creative my sisters are!

Do you recognize them?
If you have kids or love Disney you will!

P.S. I got some questions about our outfits so here are the deets: 

I ordered my shirt weeks ago on-line from here.
I bought Quinn's jammies from Carters.
Our beanies are from Walmart for $1!
And we borrowed the skeleton pieces for my husbands costume from a friend and then I stitched them onto some of his black clothing - he painted his face.
Cheap and easy - exactly what I was after at 39 weeks!!


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