Impel Shirt Review!

A couple weeks ago the awesome people over at Impel sent me a plain white shirt.

And I love it!

It is a White Favorite V-Neck Tee. 


I think every girl needs a good white Tee to dress up.
I think every girl needs a good white Tee to wear with holey jeans.
I think every girls needs a good white Tee to wear under a cardi or a cute sweater.

And this shirt does it all!

I love it because it is long – so no crack!
I love it because I can bend over without showing off the girls.

I love it because it is made of  49% Combed Cotton 47% Micro Modal  and 4% Spandex.
It fits like a dream.

I am going to buy a couple more -
And you should too!

*I was given this shirt to review by Impel clothing but the review is my honest opinion. I was not paid for my honest thoughts.


Ruffle Knit Skirt Tutorial

WOW!! I am amazed by all the sweet comments you cute readers sent me asking for a tutorial for my skirt -
How could I say no since you all asked so nicely!

So here you are!

Just a reminder – we are making this cute skirt!

First – you need to pick your material. You will want to use a knit so you don’t have to hem.
I picked a silky-ish black knit.  I think it would look so cute in a red or a fun blue!

Second – I cut the pieces for my ruffles. I made my ruffles two inches wide. Make sure you make them as long as your skirt is wide. I did three ruffles on the front and the back so I cut 9 long strips and cut 3 in half so I had 6 long and 6 short and sewed them together.  So I had 6 strips. Does that make sense?
*when I stitched them on I thought it was cute with just 1 ruffle at the bottom – so do as many as you want!

Third – I baste stitched the strips and ruffled them up.

Fourth – I used a skirt I already had as the pattern for my skirt. Double cut it so you have a back and a front. Measure one you already have – then you can pick the length you want it. If you want it a little bit shorter you can or if you want it a little bit longer you can. It is totally up to you.

Fifth -  I pinned the ruffles to the skirt pieces and stitched them on. I pinned them so the first ruffle lined up with the bottom of the skirt piece and then over lapped the other two by just an eighth of an inch.

Sixth – I cut the waist piece at 10 inches wide. So when it is folded over it is 5 inches – and then when you sew it on it will be about 4-4 1/2 inches wide.

Seventh -  I stretched the piece around my waist to see how long I needed to cut it. If you know the measurement of your waist you can measure and cut it to that. Make sure you cut it so the stretchy way wraps around your body. It should stretch just a bit and fit just right – just like yoga pants.

Eighth – I cut the piece in half and sewed one half to the front and one half to the back. When you pin it make sure you pin right sides together. Then put it right sides together – stitch up the sides and you are done!

* I wish I would have done this step differently. I wish I had sewed the band together like this:


And then sewed it to my skirt – then I could fold down the waist for a smaller band if I wanted too.  As it is right now, if I fold it down it has the seams on both sides.  I will do this the next time I make one.
I will make the band by folding it over and sewing the one side together so I have one band. Then I will sew the dress pieces together:

And attach it to the top. Then I could fold it down because I would only have one nice little hem – and it would look nice. So I could have a 4 inch waist or a 2 inch waist.

If you make this skirt – you can do it either way – but I would do it they way I didn’t.
You can tell from my pictures that I started to do it that way – but then changed my mind.
I hate when that happens!

O-well – It is still super cute! and I still love it!

I hope this makes sense. email me if you have any questions and I will be happy to help!

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Say It on the Wall Winner

The winner of the Say it On the Wall Vinyl giveway is Colleen!

Congrats Colleen - email me at everycraftyendeavor@gmail.com

And remember - if you have a Craft Blog - Link up to my party here!
Don't link up projects - just your craft blog home page!


Ruffle Knit Skirt

I have had the idea for this skirt floating around in my head for months and I finally stitched it up this weekend. You know when you have a picture of exactly what you want and you hope and pray it turns out close to what you were picturing? That is what happened on this skirt - only I got it right on the mark this time! I am so in love with it. It is black and ruffly and flowly - and I just love it!

I took a million photos of how I made it - but am not sure if I should do a tutorial on it or not.
Should I?

EDIT: You can now find the tutorial here!

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Fat Free Yogurt

I am loving this right now!

I am trying to lose a few *baby* pounds - and this is my not-so-guilty-pleasure!
It tastes so good and vanilla with fresh blue berries and raspberries is the best!

The next time you are strolling through the grocery store - pick some up!
Trust me - You will thank me!

... and now I am off to dish me out a bowl!
Don't forget your chance to enter the vinyl giveaway -

Fabric Painted Monster Shirt

Here is the project I mentioned that I was working on last night -
a little monster shirt for my little monster!

We are potty training around these parts and Quinn spends most days in a tee-shirt and underwear -
So I thought I would add a little "pizazz" to his boring old white tee-shirt.

Using my silhouette, I cut out the monsters on freezer paper, ironed them onto his shirt,
and then using fabric paint - I painted them on. 

If you want the file for the monsters just email me and I will send it your way!

I love the little blue and green one - and really wish I would have used a red for the middle monster.
I thought the yellow would have shown up a little bit better.

I love the detail of the little monsters.

and here is my little monster sporting his new shirt!
(and double ear infections. sad.)

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Fabric Paint

I had a really fun box delivered to my door today!

I *may* have gone a tiny bit overboard but I wanted a lot of colors to chose from -
and I have a lot of fun ideas!
One of which is drying on my kitchen table right now!!


Easter Egg Wreath

NOTE: Enter the Say It On the Wall giveaway here!
I wanted a wreath for Easter so I headed up to Hobby Lobby, picked up a few items
and came home and made this fun Easter Egg Wreath.
I used a pink feather boa, wooden sparkle eggs, a wire wreath form, tulle and hot glue.
All I did was wrap the feather boa around the wreath form and then hot glue the eggs on where I wanted.
Then I tied it up with tulle -
That easy! So easy that I made one for my mom too!

I wanted to take some cute pictures of it on my door - but it was so dang windy...
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How to Paint French Tip Toenails!

Yesterday was the first day of Spring! yay!
So I celebrated in my own little way and  french-tipped my toenails.
It is a lot cheaper than having a pedicure - but turns out just as cute.
Don't get me wrong! I love me a good pedi!!
I took lots of pictures so I could show you how I did it -
but let me remind you - that I am in no way a professional-
 and I usually am not one to share my feet close up with the entire world-
because let's face it - feet aren't very cute. 

I use nail polish remover, white nail polish, clear nail polish, cotton balls,
 clippers, tweezers, Q-tips and a file.

and I start with a clean slate.
(I always paint my nails in the bathroom so these pics are probably craptacular since it was 10:00 at night - good night babies - and there is no natural light. sorry.)

and then I clean them out, file them down and file off the top layer.

No pics of me cleaning them - I mean really - who wants to see that! yuck!

I use the white nail polish and just brush it on - I just go for it.
I don't worry about lines or anything and I always do 2-3 coats.
I always have to add a cotton ball inbetween my toe and pinky toe - for some reason it likes to hide.

After the white is dry, I pour a little bit of nail polish remover in the cap...

... roll my Q-tip up tight...

... dip it into the remover and then take off the extra polish that I don't need.

This makes a clean straight line.
So much easier than trying to paint it on straight.

You can see in the circle that sometimes the paint ripples a little bit.
Don't worry about it. When you apply the clear coat it will even it out.

See. Here is the clear coat.

And you are done! With super cute nails!
You could even add a cute little decal.

I am so ready to break out the flip flops and play in the sun!
(Too bad it is snowing outside.sad.)



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