Ch Ch Ch Changes -

I have a lot of changes coming to blog - and I am really excited for them!

I mentioned that I wanted to open it up to submissions from my readers -

But I also want to open it up to Sponsors as well.

I have debated this back and forth and back and forth and...

I think it is time!

Do you have a cute company that needs some cheap advertising?
Do you have something you would love for me to review?

I would love to help you out.

email me at everycraftyendeavor@gmail.com.

1 comment:

Jump Creations said...

Hi, I am trying to start up a business selling cute quilting blocks for others to use. I was stuggling with applique so decided there was a better way. How do you price your items for sale? I am struggling with the fact it is a hand printed item but I want to price it so it is afordable.

Thanks for helping.... Debbie


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