Felt Flower Tutorial

Do you want a headband as cute as my baby's?

It is really super easy!

First: Cut your felt into a bunch of little circles.

Second: Make a 5-petal flower and hot glue them together.

Third: Add more layers (using a little hot glue) until you have your desired look.
Fourth: Add an leaf or an embellishment.
(If this were a different color I would have added leaves but since it is green - I just added buttons.)

Fifth: Look at it. Decide if you like it...

I decided that I wanted to add another layer underneath to make it look a bit fuller.

Sixth: Simply add a clip.
I chose the one I did so that it would sit more flat against her tiny head.

Clip it onto a headband and you are good to go!

1 comment:

Kaysi said...

Cute!! Your baby is adorable!


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