How to Paint French Tip Toenails!

Yesterday was the first day of Spring! yay!
So I celebrated in my own little way and  french-tipped my toenails.
It is a lot cheaper than having a pedicure - but turns out just as cute.
Don't get me wrong! I love me a good pedi!!
I took lots of pictures so I could show you how I did it -
but let me remind you - that I am in no way a professional-
 and I usually am not one to share my feet close up with the entire world-
because let's face it - feet aren't very cute. 

I use nail polish remover, white nail polish, clear nail polish, cotton balls,
 clippers, tweezers, Q-tips and a file.

and I start with a clean slate.
(I always paint my nails in the bathroom so these pics are probably craptacular since it was 10:00 at night - good night babies - and there is no natural light. sorry.)

and then I clean them out, file them down and file off the top layer.

No pics of me cleaning them - I mean really - who wants to see that! yuck!

I use the white nail polish and just brush it on - I just go for it.
I don't worry about lines or anything and I always do 2-3 coats.
I always have to add a cotton ball inbetween my toe and pinky toe - for some reason it likes to hide.

After the white is dry, I pour a little bit of nail polish remover in the cap...

... roll my Q-tip up tight...

... dip it into the remover and then take off the extra polish that I don't need.

This makes a clean straight line.
So much easier than trying to paint it on straight.

You can see in the circle that sometimes the paint ripples a little bit.
Don't worry about it. When you apply the clear coat it will even it out.

See. Here is the clear coat.

And you are done! With super cute nails!
You could even add a cute little decal.

I am so ready to break out the flip flops and play in the sun!
(Too bad it is snowing outside.sad.)



Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

That looks great! I have tried to do straight lines and never could...this I can do!
Thanks for the great tip! (Ha ha ha!)

Veronica @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

How cute are you!!! And, you have super pretty feet, Sister!!


ΕΥΓΕΝΙΑ said...

You make it seem very easy!! You really have nice feet!

Josh & Jamie Beutler said...

Super duper cuteness!! and much cheaper than the $20 it costs at a salon :) and i LOVE your toe rings...super sexy :)

Tristy said...

I also have a tip, if you take a small piece of tape and put it on the rest of your toe then just take the tape off after the white is dry it works the same and you have a straight line. Hope this helps if you want something just a little simpler. :0)


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