Ruffle Knit Skirt Tutorial

WOW!! I am amazed by all the sweet comments you cute readers sent me asking for a tutorial for my skirt -
How could I say no since you all asked so nicely!

So here you are!

Just a reminder – we are making this cute skirt!

First – you need to pick your material. You will want to use a knit so you don’t have to hem.
I picked a silky-ish black knit.  I think it would look so cute in a red or a fun blue!

Second – I cut the pieces for my ruffles. I made my ruffles two inches wide. Make sure you make them as long as your skirt is wide. I did three ruffles on the front and the back so I cut 9 long strips and cut 3 in half so I had 6 long and 6 short and sewed them together.  So I had 6 strips. Does that make sense?
*when I stitched them on I thought it was cute with just 1 ruffle at the bottom – so do as many as you want!

Third – I baste stitched the strips and ruffled them up.

Fourth – I used a skirt I already had as the pattern for my skirt. Double cut it so you have a back and a front. Measure one you already have – then you can pick the length you want it. If you want it a little bit shorter you can or if you want it a little bit longer you can. It is totally up to you.

Fifth -  I pinned the ruffles to the skirt pieces and stitched them on. I pinned them so the first ruffle lined up with the bottom of the skirt piece and then over lapped the other two by just an eighth of an inch.

Sixth – I cut the waist piece at 10 inches wide. So when it is folded over it is 5 inches – and then when you sew it on it will be about 4-4 1/2 inches wide.

Seventh -  I stretched the piece around my waist to see how long I needed to cut it. If you know the measurement of your waist you can measure and cut it to that. Make sure you cut it so the stretchy way wraps around your body. It should stretch just a bit and fit just right – just like yoga pants.

Eighth – I cut the piece in half and sewed one half to the front and one half to the back. When you pin it make sure you pin right sides together. Then put it right sides together – stitch up the sides and you are done!

* I wish I would have done this step differently. I wish I had sewed the band together like this:


And then sewed it to my skirt – then I could fold down the waist for a smaller band if I wanted too.  As it is right now, if I fold it down it has the seams on both sides.  I will do this the next time I make one.
I will make the band by folding it over and sewing the one side together so I have one band. Then I will sew the dress pieces together:

And attach it to the top. Then I could fold it down because I would only have one nice little hem – and it would look nice. So I could have a 4 inch waist or a 2 inch waist.

If you make this skirt – you can do it either way – but I would do it they way I didn’t.
You can tell from my pictures that I started to do it that way – but then changed my mind.
I hate when that happens!

O-well – It is still super cute! and I still love it!

I hope this makes sense. email me if you have any questions and I will be happy to help!

ps. I am linked to Whipperberry!


Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

Absolutely darling, Amanda! This one was one of my picks to feature from the March Point of View. My post will be going up Friday- so look for the link back (I'll also link to the tutorial, if you don't mind!) I'm so happy there's a tute, now if I can just get one made before next week...hmmm.

ificould said...

I'm SO happy you posted this tutorial- I can't wait to get started on my skirt! I'm linking this post on my blog today. Thanks for sharing!!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Cute skirt! I love the length. Thanks for linking up to Point of View:)

Grandma said...

Thank for the tute!I am making one this afternoon. Hope mine is as cute as yours!!!

Crafty Girls said...

Yes, this is a do-er and a keeper! Super cute skirt!

ificould said...

just a quick question: when making your strips for the ruffles, did you sew a short strip to a long strip so that you had 6 equal length strips??

Jeannie said...

I love this and I'm so excited to make myself one! Now about those shoes...where are they from?

Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

This looks SO comfortable yet classy at the same time! Love it!

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

This looks SO comfortable yet classy at the same time! Love it!

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog


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