Letterpress Ink

Before I show you some projects – I wanted to talk about the Letterpress Ink.

I’m not going to lie – it takes some time to get used to using the Letterpress but after a few tries you will get the hang of it. The ink is really gooey and tacky. I wasn’t expecting it to be like that. It doesn’t take very much at all to get a good coat of ink on the ink brayer to roll onto your template. The Letterpress comes with black ink and I was given yellow and navy – but I wanted a few more colors so I went to Michaels, Roberts and a local scrapbook store and finally found some Letterpress supplies at Hobby Lobby. I love Hobby Lobby so I am not sure why I didn’t go there first. Duh! But if you are patient (unlike me) you can order them online.
There are a lot of different colors to choose from.

No matter what you do, you will get ink on your hands – (and be careful when you open the ink – sometimes the ink explodes out!) but the ink comes right off with the cleaning cloths. You use them to clean everything with ink on it – the brayer, the pad, the templates, your hands, your children, your workspace – Everything!

I only have one brayer and one ink pad so I had to clean it off each time I used it and switched colors. 
I can see how this would be really annoying if you were doing a really colorful project.
I also didn’t want to waste the ink – so I made a few of all the projects I did.

I would letterpress all the black. Then all the red.
You get the idea.

Next Up -

So Stay Tuned!

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