Making a House Our Home: Part 2

You came back!
I just knew you were dying to see some more of my train wreck house…

Well, let’s get to it! We left off standing in the kitchen – and we will go downstairs.
There are only 4 steps from the kitchen to the family room.

And here we are!

Fancy huh?
I know you are loving the shelving and the paneling on the walls that are falling apart.
and there was SO MUCH brick – even the tile that came about 1/3rd in to the room was a brick looking tile.
And I love how the ceiling is totally different from the kitchen and front room. awesome.

Let’s head into the laundry room and 1/2 bath.

Oh – you need to use the bathroom? Go for it!

Nasty. That is all I really have to say about that.

Wanna see the upstairs? Things are just getting good folks!

Making a House Our Home: Part One

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Tam @ Sew Dang Cute said...

It's so crazy to see those pictures. You guys did such a great job and the transformation is truly incredible!!!!

Love ya!

rindercella @ neatheringourfest said...

you keep these pictures coming! i love old ugly before pictures because it just makes the after that much better and brilliant! i can't wait to see what it was about this house that made you want to buy it because i haven't seen anything yet that i just totally love.... :)

Tawnya said...

I never saw the "before" of most of your house. I remember the basement and one upstairs bedroom but I never saw the kitchen and stuff. Fun to see how much work you have done to make it what it is today :)

Stacy said...

Wow. I am kinda at a loss for words. I can't wait to see the AFTER!!!

Stacy said...

Wow. I am kinda at a loss for words. I can't wait to see the AFTER!!!

Michelle said...

Wow these before pics are even more incredible since I don't think I ever saw more than the after. Great job! You guys have worked hard!


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