An Awesome Find!!

Check out what my husband found for me!!


In his line of work he comes across a lot of junk – but every once in a while he finds something totally awesome!
I am loving this dresser – it is so cute! It is going to go perfect in my front room {if I ever get it finished!!}

I love the fun yellow color – the fun lines – the design – the handles – and the extra storage!! Behind those cute doors are 3 more drawers! Do you know how much junk this thing will hold??!!



And it even comes with a matching side table – SCORE!!


What fun finds have you guys come across lately? Anything super awesome?!


Kara said...

Oh you lucky girl! Totally love both of them! All my husband comes across at work are computers. ;)

Unknown said...

This is an awesome find! TOTAL SCORE!

Unknown said...

I'm so jealous! You just need some paint on the side table and it would be perfect. The dress already has the vintage french country look. Great find! I need to put my husband on the lookout lol! I'm sure he runs into treasures if he'd just look. Then again, he's not the creative type. Now I'm rambling. I'll shut up! Have a great day hun!

Rhiannon said...

oh shes beautiful!
i saw the most amazing desk on craigslist on friday for a garage sale on sat i got there just in time for her to open her doors only to find out she sold it the day before!!! what a bummer!

Creative Raisins said...

What a good fine, I wish my husband came home with stuff like this.


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