Making a House Our Home: Part 4

Hello! Hello! Are you ready for the Master?

Trust me when I tell you that it was nothing fancy. haha!

Unless you think more wood paneling is fancy – or 27 year old carpet!
(Remember how I said that each room had different carpet? Nasty.)

This picture was taken from the corner from the picture above. You can see out into the hallway.
I wish I had a better picture of the bathroom – the pocket door to the bathroom is on the wall across from the wood paneling wall. As you walked in – on the right side was a small closet and then the tiny shower, pocket door potty and sink were all crammed together in the back.

When I show you the changes we made – I will go more into depth.
I just wanted to give you a taste of what we walked into!

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Seven Sisters said...

Hi Amanda!
Thank you for stopping by and for wanting to feature the chair back covers! I've been reading up on all the work you're doing in your house...boy can i relate to the never ending "remodel phase" :) good luck!
♥J. sevensisters


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