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Remember almost 2 weeks ago when I made the impromptu decision to change the name of my blog from Every “Crafty” Endeavor to Every “Creative” Endeavor – I went through and changed every. single. thing. including the URL – and without realizing it – I lost hundreds upon hundreds of Feed Readers - and to make matters worse my old URL would only show an error.

It wouldn’t redirect.

This whole thing just made me so sick. I lost so many of my fabulous readers and they couldn’t even find me. And I know you were looking because I could see “Every Crafty Endeavor” in my key words on how they found my new domain.

So sad.

So for a good part of the past two weeks I have been battling goggle and I was finally able to transfer my old domain over (because I still own it!) to go daddy and this morning the redirect finally went through.

Hip Hip Hooray!

So to those of you that were lost for a little bit – Welcome Back! I missed you!!

I am still sad that my feed reader hasn’t recovered  but I am hoping that you all love me enough to sign back up under my new feed!

And because you are all Rock Stars I hope you’ll pop on over for your chance to win a custom stitchery of your little family made by me with love for all of you!

I have been having a blast reading all the unique things about all of you!
I am glad that Terri has eaten road kill too! Us road kill girls need to stick together! 
Hi Whitney! – who I met at Creative Estates (that lucky girl had the cutest business cards and won a Silhouette!)
And DJ who flew with the US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team! WOW!! That is awesome!
Poor Kristi who got her first speeding ticket this weekend – boo.
And all your cute girls divulging your “true” hair color! I love it!!

There are so many great things about all of you so keep them comin’!

On another fun note! The winner of the Lucy Doo Shop is


Who just so happens to be: AliLilly! She won with her tweet entry but I liked this one better!


Congrats You Lucky Girl!! email me at everycreativeendeavor at gmail dot com to claim your awesome prize!


Kara said...

The same thing happened to my RSS readers when I swithed over. I went from 1,500 to about 700. Sad day. Hopefully all yours will find you. :)

Ami Allison said...

AHH!!!!! Really! I won!!! YAY!!!!!!

I didn't lose you either BUT I'm google reader challenged so I just subscribe to all my favs via email which includes YOU! :)

Meredith said...

so sad! now i'm way too scared to ever try anything so fancy with my blog. technology +me=no go;)


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