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Oh my gosh you guys! I hope you’re sitting down because the fabulous and truly wonderful Jen from Tatertots and Jello is here to share one of her amazing ideas!! I am so excited (and thankful for her!) that I can’t even stand it! Instead of listening to me ramble on about how cool she is – check her out yourself!

threaded necklace rosette

Hi! I’m Jen from Tatertots and Jello and I am so excited to be here!!

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I was window shopping at one of my favorite stores the other day – J Crew. I love their relaxed, classic style! I stumbled across a really simple, but elegant necklace and noticed that the beads were threaded onto the chain. I loved the look of it. I took this picture with my phone, and unfortunately it’s a little blurry. I wasn’t able to find the same necklace on their website either…

j crew necklace

I decided to go home and try making something similar. Of course I had to change it up a little – lol! Here’s what I came up with. I also made another necklace with the same technique, but using kind of seaside-ish colors. And I threw in a beaded rosette for fun too.

threaded Necklaces blue rosette

Threaded Rosette Necklace Tutorial

This is a super easy project and I think it would make an awesome birthday gift too.

So if you want to make one, here’s what I did:

the supplies collage

  • Chain (found in the jewelry section of your craft supply store)

  • Clasps

  • Round beads. I used 8mm.

  • Embroidery Thread or Beading Thread.

  • Needle

  • Fabric for the rosette – 1 inch wide by approx. 30 inch in length.

  • Fabric glue

  • Hot glue or super glue

thread the string

  • The first thing to do is measure out how long you want your necklace to be. Mine was 24 inches long.

  • Then measure down about 6 inches from one end and make a knot in the thread.

  • Thread on a bead and then interweave the needle through a few of the links. I threaded a bead about every 5-6 links. But you can add as many beads or as little as you want.

  • Be sure to hold the one end of chain tight while threading the thread through the links. You want the thread to be the same length as the chain, so there is no gathering of the chain, or excess thread hanging down when you are done.

  • Do this all the way down the length of chain until you get about 6 inches from the other end. Pull the thread tight, so there is no gaps in the thread. Then make a knot at the other end of the necklace. I also put a dab of super glue on each knot to make sure it was secure.

  • Now you can attach your clasp, or if the necklace is long enough to fit over your head, just attach the links at each end together!

cut the fabric

  • Now you make your rosette. I have a rosette tutorial you can reference if you want. Cut a length of fabric. 1 inch wide by about 24-30 inches in length, depending on how big you want your rosette to be.

  • Fold the fabric in half, width-wise and make a knot. Then roll the fabric and glue it with fabric glue as you roll, in a circular motion.

  • You can also thread some beads on the rosette to match the beads on your necklace is you want, at this point.

make a rosette

  • Once you have the rosette finished, glue it onto a piece of felt.

glue the rosettes on felt

  • Once the glue has dried, cut around the felt and glue the felt with the rosettes onto one side at the top of the necklace. I used hot glue to attach the rosettes to the necklace. And then I glued another strip of felt over the chain to make it more comfortable to wear.

glue felt on chain

And that is it!

Now you have a pretty, threaded rosette necklace to wear this Summer.


threaded rosette necklace

threaded rosette necklace blue

Thanks, Amanda, for letting me come by and share this project!!

Come by and say hi sometime – I would love to have you!!

And if you love creating, link up and show off YOUR ideas at my Weekend Wrap Up Party on Friday nights.

Beautiful Jen! I love it and can’t wait to make one!
You are welcome to stop by anytime you like!!


Valerie said...

That is so cute. I wish I thought I could make one of those rosettes without it looking like a 5-year old made it. :)

Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

Thanks for having me!!! It's fun to be here today!!


Heather said...

What a treat! Will make!

Maridith @ Strictly Homemade said...

Great idea. I love the floating beads too. Will have to see if I can make this!! Thanks!!

Michelle said...

So pretty! Love both of your blogs (yours and Jens!!)


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