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I have a treat for you guys today! Tam is here!! Not only is she totally darling – but she has really cute projects too and we are lucky enough to see one today!
Make your Own Collage Frame
Hello “Every Creative Endeavor” readers! My name is Tam and I’m excited to be here with you today. I love Amanda and especially love her site. She has such fun ideas and I love seeing what she’ll come up with next. I run “Sew Dang Cute Crafts”, a craft blog where you can find anything from sewing tutorials to DIY projects. It’s also home to “Crafting with the Stars”.
Today I want to share with you how to make your own collage photo frame.
I’ve seen a variety of these all over the place, but I either couldn’t find one that I liked just right, or one that wasn’t ridiculously priced. When that usually happens, the best solution is to make your own, right? Well that was I did.       
I headed to my local thrift store and picked up an assortment of frames for a total of $5.50.
Since I had everything else on hand, that was my total cost for this project – SWEET!
Step 1: Clean off the frames, then take some E6000 (or other really strong glue) and glue your frames together in the desired collage. I stuck some glass casserole dishes on top of mine to secure them together.
I probably left mine to dry for about 4 hours or so. I’m sure they were done before then, but I got distracted by other things going on in my home (kids, laundry, etc.).
Step 2: Drill a hole in the bottom of each frame the size of your stick. (I used sucker sticks that I had lying around my house. You can grab them in the cake decorating section of Wal-Mart or any craft store, but any sort of round stick will do). Take some more E6000 and glue the sticks into the holes at the bottom of the frames.
Step 3: I had a piece of wood leftover from my “Family Motto” sign, so I trimmed that down to 24” x 5” to use as my base, and made marks where each of the sticks would go.
Step 4: Then went ahead and drilled holes where the marks were. I tried to drill as far as I could without going through the wood so there would be more support for my sticks.
Step 5: Trim the sucker sticks down to the appropriate sizes, then grab the E6000 one last time and glue the sticks into the holes of your base.
Step 6: Now comes the painting. First I primed it all.
I knew I wanted to distress the frame and have some bluish tones showing through, so next I applied a coat of Krylon Ocean Breeze blue spraypaint – leftover from my Summer Activity Board.
Last I applied white spray paint. Once all the paint was dry, I sanded it down to create the distressed look. Here’s a close-up so you can see the hint of blue showing through.
With pictures of my favorite people, this baby is all done!
Thanks so much for having me here today Amanda and I hope you will all pop over to “Sew Dang Cute Crafts” to say “hi” and see what else I’ve got for you!


LyndaKay said...

Easy to follow instructions & pictures. Great looking project!

Andrea said...

fantqstic idea!
Will pin this for my to do list!!

RMC said...

I love this!!!

Kara said...

Totally cute idea! Love how it looks up on the shelf. :)

Michelle said...

This turned out really cute! I love the twist on some boring frames.

Jesseca said...

This is such a cute idea! I've been looking for something to make for our entertainment center, and it looks like this is it!

Thanks for sharing!!

Johnnie said...

Precious. This will look great on my fireplace mantle (ok, not this one exactly, but with my own pics)! New follower. Glad you had Sew Dang Cute over!

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