How to Make a Chalkboard {tutorial}

I recently showed my little guy (who is almost 2) how to draw with sidewalk chalk –
and then it started raining. and raining. and raining. and raining…
So I decided to bring the chalk inside –
Making a chalkboard is so easy but creates hours of fun!!
First all you need to find is a piece of wood with a smooth side. I used a scrap piece of melamine that we had floating around in our garage. Then I simply sprayed a layer of white primer…
And then used Rust-Oleum Chalk Board Spray Paint and started spraying on the layers.
Just like with any spray painting project, go slow and spray on layer after layer
until you have covered the entire surface.
Note: When you are done spraying on your layers and it is all dry and you run your hand over it, it will feel bumpy/rough so simply run a sponge sander over it and then spray on one last coat.
Before you draw on your chalkboard, take a piece of chalk and run it all over the board and simply wipe it off. This gets the board ready for all the fun drawing you will be doing. 

After you have wiped the chalk off – your chalkboard is ready to go!
I added the phrase “Live Creatively” with vinyl to the top of our board – and I love it!
Now go and find some scrap wood and make one for your family! You guys will love it!

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Debs - debslosingit.com said...

I can see myself making this, but smaller, framing it, hanging it up in the house, and using it for leaving love notes. :) Very cute!

Andi said...

I just made one the other day and thought I was doing something wrong because my chalkboard paint was so uneven at first (and maybe still is ;-D) But after seeing yours and how great it turned out and your great tips I think I can save mine! :-) Thanks! Oh and I love the vinyl addition!

Inspired By June said...

What a great idea, Amanda! I'm emailing this link to the Day School director at our church. We (unfortunately) don't have a rain problem here in TX, but heat! This will be something fun they can do inside during the hot afternoons. Thanks for sharing!


Brenda said...

I just redid a childs easel i found on the side of the road, took it apart repainted...ect, and will be adding the chalk board now i want to paint to oneside, thanks for the instructions!

Unknown said...

Love this idea my grandson loves chalk.


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