Making a House Our Home: Part 8 {Front Room}

living room

Are you ready for some more house remodeling? Yes!

Let’s just jump right in.

After you walk into the entry way – you enter the front room.
(we have been over this, but I just wanted to remind you – and help out the newcomers!)

First things first – we removed all of the nasty wallpaper and the chair rail.
And we also removed the popcorn ceiling –
We kilz primed the entire room (house) and added all new drywall to the entire room (house).

The only thing that was left untouched in this room is the window. Those are the only windows we didn’t replace and it’s because we had plans for them – and the outside! (we are working on it right now! Squeal!)

(Under all that plastic is the cherry wood for our floors!)

Here is a view of the entry way and the pony wall from the other side of the room.

and here you can see where we took out the formal dining area and extended the kitchen -
(The kitchen is the next stop on our tour)
We added the arch so you can get into the front room from here and from the other side as well.

This room is the largest room in our house and I have had a hard time with it – mostly because we don’t have any furniture for it and it sort of becomes a catch all – but I am currently working on it so you will be seeing more updates in a little while!! I am excited for the changes and I hope you guys like them too!

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Kara said...

Wow! You guys are doing an amazing job! It is amazing to see the transformation. Love everything so far!


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