Paint Your Kitchen Bar Stools!

Hello! Hello! Hello!

How was your weekend? Between two family parties and homemade ice cream (yum-o!) mine was relaxing – which was great because today I am rolling out the drop cloth for more painting. My hubby is taking our broken miter box to the shop to get it fixed (oh –happy day) so I can finish up a bunch of projects that are taking over my house! But in the meantime I thought I would share a fun project with you from a couple years ago.

When the hubs and I were ALMOST done (and almost is a relative term as we have been ALMOST done for 3 years now!) with our remodeling – I was so excited and started decorating a little bit here and there – really the only space I could decorate was in the kitchen – (and we didn’t even have cabinets in yet!) but I had my rug purchased and my table sitting in storage and I knew what colors I wanted and EVERYTHING!!

I knew we were going to have a bar top and that meant we needed bar stools – and there are so many lovely barstools to choose from. But since we were nearing the end of our remodel – we were also nearing the end of our $$$$. sad day. I knew that I wanted something simple, yet functional and of course fun and cute!

So instead of spending upward of $50-$100 per barstool – hit up my local Wal-Mart and purchased 3 of these bad boys – for $30 total.


I think we can all agree that they are simple and functional but they are U.G.L.Y. (you ain’t got no alibi…)

I got them home, busted out my sander, paint, sponge brushes and polyurethane (we were also working on our wood floors at the time!) and went to work – and I have to say….

paint your barstools 3

… I love the result!

paint your barstools 2

I shabbied them up a little bit -

paint your barstools 4

I really love the way the color {pops} in my kitchen!

I also love that I can push them under the bar top, they don’t take up much space – but they add the perfect element to that part of the kitchen – don’t you just love paint?? Me Too! So before you throw out your old bar stools – sand them down and paint them – with a million colors out there – the sky’s the limit!

paint your barstools

Thanks for making this one of your stops this busy Monday and I hope you have a great week!


Mommy Melback said...

Love what you did to them. AND...... I need to copy this. I do have a question. Were they $10 a stool or $30 a stool? I went to Walmart.com and could not find them. Maybe it is an instore item.

Rhiannon said...

i just did that too! Its cheap and custom!

Kara @ Nest Candy said...

Oooooo I love that color so much! It is just so perfect for a kitchen. They look like a million bucks. :)

Michelle said...

I have the very same ugly cheap stools. Guess I better get to work and give mine a makeover. I remember seeing yours shortly after we met and was thinking I needed to copy.


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