Things have been sparse around here because …

It’s the summer time.

I went swimming the other day for an hour and came back looking like this:cartoon-lobster-7 Ouchy!

I am pretty sure we are the only house for miles and miles with out AC – and yesterday it was 85 – inside my house – so I am in a “it’s too hot to do anything” funk.

I have no less than 10 projects going…

I am working on (and have all but given up) potty training.

The little crafts I have done aren’t worth the effort of posting – just humdrum stuff.

I have been playing with kids! I am trying to relish in the simple things –
and not worry so much about other things.

Oh –and did you see that I left a few comments! Thank you so much for your help with my little tech problem. I did download goggle chrome (can I just tell you how annoying that is) and it worked – and I also unchecked the box to sign in automatically and that worked for me as well! So A BIG FAT THANK YOU!!! for all your great advice – and I hope it helped out some of you as well!

What’s keeping you away from the good ole’ computer? Hopefully something fun!


Angie said...

Manda! Do you not remember our ill-fate Lake Powell trip years ago when you came back looking like a lobster? Sunscreen my friend, sunscreen!

Kara said...

I don't know if I feel more sorry for you about the sunburn, or the lack of AC. Both are miserable. You are a trooper. I wouldn't get a single thing done.

Unknown said...

I am so glad that you posted this! I have been away from the computer much more in the past month than before. I think the hot weather really makes your brain melt (We also have no AC). I have just been enjoying some good time with friends and watching the Harry Potter movies. :)


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