Finally Friday Favorites

Here are just a few of my favorites from around blogland that I am totally loving!

How cute it is this angry birds outside sling shot game from Brassy Apple!!!?? Megan did an awesome job and I love that she had her kids help paint all the pigs and birds! So cute!

angry birds craft 5

I love this lighted flower garland from Positively Splendid – This opens the door to so many cute ideas – I am thinking Christmas! So cute! I even love the paper she picked.

lighted flower garland 6

I wish my kids were old enough to build a lemonade stand – if they were I would totally copy this vintage lemonade stand from Lil’ Luna – I heart it! It is simple and darling and everything I could want – I would totally buy lemonade from this stand!

1-Wide_Shot_RC - Copy

Thanks for sharing your talents ladies! and remember to grab your “featured” button!


Little Boy Onesies

little boy onesies

My best friend is having a little boy so I made her some cute little onesies for her little man!
I used my Silhouette and the heat transfer – and think they are darling!

I need to get busy and make a few for my own kids!


Silhouette SD announcement


The Silhouette SD has been discontinued in preparation for a fun new product called the Silhouette Cameo that is coming out this Fall! So the people over at Silhouette are clearing out their warehouse and selling them for a killer deal!

$175!!! oh yeah!!

At this great deal you are going to want some product to being making all sorts of amazing things so they are also doing a 20% discount on all Silhouette products as well, including the new Silhouette Starter Kits! (Excluding download cards and machines).


Just enter the code “Endeavor” to make all your Silhouette dreams come true!

This totally awesome sells ends on July 31st!

P.S. Just so you know - I wanted to reiterate that it is JUST the SD that is being discontinued.  All the consumables, accessories, and SD companion products will STILL BE AVAILABLE!  Silhouette America will still be fully supporting the Silhouette SD machine!

Talk about it Tuesday–Giveaways


I am just going to come right out and ask it -

Do you guys like giveaways?

I have been debating back and forth about doing more of them on my blog for a while now and I just cannot decide. I worry that the giveaway wont be successful or that no one will take interest in the giveaway and that would make me feel really bad – but then again – maybe I just worry to much!

I would love to help out shops that have items that relate to my blog and bring traffic to them – but how many is a good number to do each month? I also want my readers to come to my blog because they like my ideas and not because I am giving something away – it is just such a hard conflict that I am sure I inflict upon myself (haha!).

What kind of giveaways do you like? How often do you like to see them. How often do YOU enter them? Do you feel like a giveaway distracts you from the person’s blog or do you go to blogs ONLY for the giveaways?

Let’s Discuss…


Ruffled Lamp {Tutorial}

For the past couple weeks I have been finishing up my daughter’s room – I am so happy with the way it is turning out – It is super duper girlie and I love it! It is my favorite room in the house right now! Her room needed a lamp and I wanted it to be all fluff and stuff so I went with a ruffled lamp – If you want one too – you came to the right place!

ruffled lamp tutorial

First: Find a lamp. I used a lamp and lamp shade that I found at Target for about $12. I looked at the thrift store for several weeks for one that I could use then gave in and bought one – but still $12 isn’t bad.

make a ruffle lamp

Second: I spray painted the bottom “baby blue” by Valspar that I bought at Lowes.

Third: While my paint was drying, I snipped the edges of some ivory organza I had and ripped it up into strips.

make a ruffle lamp 1

Fourth: Using the method I used to make these ruffled flowers, I ruffled up my strips.

make a ruffle lamp 2

Fifth: I used a glue gun and hot glued my ruffles to the lamp shade.

make a ruffle lamp 3

Sixth: I started on at the very bottom edge on the back side and applied about 3-4 inches of glue at a time and worked my way up the shade until I was done. Since I tore my stripes my lamp is a little shabby – just the way I wanted it!

make a ruffle lamp 4

make a ruffle lamp 5

make a ruffle lamp 6

Last: I attached the lamp shade to the stand and was done!

make a ruffle lamp 7

I love the way it looks in her room! It is so funny how a cute little lamp can make such a big difference!

make a ruffle lamp 8make a ruffle lamp 9

P.S. I am linked to Today’s Creative Blog

Make a Memory {around a campfire}

I am over at A Little Tipsy today sharing a little bit about me in her Make a Memory Series.
Please stop by and read about my family and our love for campfire!
make a memory 6


Fruit Ka-Bobs!

fruit kabobs

We are full swing into summer and if you are like me – then you are picking fresh fruit out of your orchard or garden or local produce  or farmers market and are loving it! I love a fun fruit tray with a great variety but sometimes it is fun to switch it up and present it differently – after all – presentation is key!

 The next time you have a backyard bar-b-que, family party or baby shower – skip the fruit tray and create a variety of fruit ka-bobs – they will be a huge hit – I promise!!

fruit kabobs 1

As you can see, for this one I used green grapes, pineapple and strawberries but there are so many fun combinations and varieties you could make. I used a different pattern for each one I made – I think it is fun to have them all be a little bit different! So go wild and see what you come up with!

P.S. I am linked to the Weekend Wrap-Up!


Color Learning Book

color learning book

On Monday I shared a few projects with you that I made using the new “possibilities” line from Lifestyle Crafts -
and today as promised I am sharing a little tutorial about a simple little book I made for my son to learn his colors -

The die I used was the nesting octagon -



I simply gathered scrapbook paper from my supply and used the die to cut them out. I chose10 basic colors that would be easy to learn – red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, pink, brown, grey and black.

color book

I cut out the colors using different sizes of octagons – and then cut out the name of their color in the octagon just one size smaller.

color book 2
color book 3

I glued them on…

color book 4

… and secured them with a brad.

color 7

Since the shapes nest you can only see the colored paper when it is put together.

color book 6

After having used it a few times I think that I am going to laminate it and use a jump ring so the papers are easier to flip through and hold up a bit better but for now it works out great and my kiddo loves when show him the different colors.

color book 5color 8

A simple project but for kids – sometimes simple is the way to go!

Remember that you can get 20% off any order at any time just by using “creativeendeavor.”


Today is my Birthday!

birthday-cupcake*photo from google images

Today is my birthday!
I am one year older and hopefully a little bit wiser.

I don’t have a post for today because I am busy relaxing and being spoiled by my family.
(I think birthdays are kind of a BIG deal!)

Have a happy summer hump day and I will see you tomorrow!


Talk about it Tuesday–Scaredy Pants Crafter

Talk about it Tuesday

Last week I shared with you a little tutorial about painting a frame with something inside. I talked a little bit about how it was such a craft hurtle for me and how I avoided it – Why was I such a chicken? It turned out just fine and I love the result.

Do you guys do that? Hold yourself back because you have a fear of creating something? Do you see a project and think “ugh, I don’t think so!” but then talk yourself into doing it only to find it was better than you thought and the results bring you pure joy?

I try to go “outside” my box and try new things but every once in a while I see something new and think “I know if I try that it will be a disaster.” I wish I had the confidence to just jump into anything with the hopes that it will turn out just fine – but maybe I don’t because I am too harsh on myself – after all I am my worst critic.

What have you been holding yourself back on? What do you want to try but are unsure of?

Let’s discuss…



Lifestyle Crafts is releasing a brand new line of dies – Today! The line is called “Possibilities” which is the perfect name because with 30 (yes! I said 30!) new dies the possibilities are endless! This is Lifestyle Crafts' highest value line with products containing up to 22 dies and sizes ranging from .25" to 5.75". The dies are so easy to use and work so nicely with the Epic 6 Machine. 

You simply lay them on the cutting pad -

Epic dies

- and roll them on through!

Epic Machine

The sweet people over at Lifestyles sent me a few sets from the new line to try out and these babies are awesome! Once again – Endless possibilities! I have had so much fun the past week or so playing around with them and creating fun things for my home and kids.

I know we are in the middle of summer – but I started thinking about fall – it’s never too early to get your d├ęcor made – then when fall is actually here – you just put it right up! (at least that is how I justify it!) I used the Nesting Frames 8 – they are fun little wonky squares – and scrapbook paper to make this fun Fall Art Collage. I love it so much can’t wait to display it my home! I have the full tutorial coming up later this week so keep an eye out!

Fall Art Collage

I used the Nesting Octagon Dies to create this fun little color learning book for my son. I cut out the colored Octagon and then used a smaller one to cut out the name of the color – I will have a full tutorial on it later this week!

color learning book

Did you know that the Epic Machine can cut Metal??!! Swwweeeeeetttt!!! I used the Nesting Bloom Die to make some super cute metal magnets for my fridge! They turned out so cute and I can’t wait to make some more with different centers – And of course – I have a tutorial for that too coming up!

metal magnets

Head on over to Lifestyle Crafts to check out the full line – and if you like what you see and have that sudden urge to splurge (like me!) use the promo code “creativeendeavor” and get 20% off your entire order! And the best thing is – it never expires! So you can use it whenever you would like!

lifestyle promo code

There are so many fun things that you can do with the Epic, the dies and the Letterpress!
For more ideas click here, here and here!


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